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Largest Pool Noodle that holds a Can

Proof at Last! Size DOES Matter. The LARGEST,over-sized Pool Noodle that holds a Can. You only need "ONE" CanUdle. CanUdles are a product for Fun,Water and Drinks. Ever been in the water with one or two of those WIMPY noodles not knowing what to do with your beverage??Don't worry anymore. CanUdles are the answer. A Pool Waiter at your Fingertips.The BEST Party Noodle available today. Don't be caught on a WIMPY Noodle.

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CanUdles are the perfect way to keep your beverage safe, cold and have fun while you float.Our CanUdles are unique because the are the Largest,Pool noodles that will hold your choice of a Can, Red Solo Cup, water bottle, beer bottle, etc. American Made with American FDA approved Dyes. It's NOT enough to CanUdle....It's EVERYTHING!!! Can U CanUdle?????
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