GT Update News: Edition 30

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

Dear Parents,

I want to thank each of you for the support you've provided both your kids and myself throughout this school year. You don't have to be physically present to provide support. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their journies. The fifth graders were my very first group of students when I came to BB Owen five years ago. I have watched them grow into fine, young people, and that warms my heart. It is bittersweet to watch them go.

As for our graduating second-fourth graders, I'm super excited that I get to spend another year being able to help cultivate their learning. I hope everyone has an amazing summer filled with family, fun, and being able to experience new things.



Last week in second grade they completed their research for their experiment question. We will have to put this project on hold until next year because we will not have time to complete it, as well as we won't have access to any technology this last week. So, they're going to design and create LEGO items based on challenge cards. We'll take pics and I'll share with you in a final newsletter.
Last week in third grade they finished their magazine covers that include advertising strategies which enhance the photograph on the front. This week in third grade, we'll continue to focus on advertising strategies, with an emphasis on persuasion techniques. I will post their finished products in our farewell newsletter.
Last week in fourth grade they solidified their realistic narratives and began to design their board games based on their narratives. This week they will complete their board games and then play them. I will post pics in our "welcome summer" newsletter this Friday.
Last week in fifth grade they finished their unit projects and completed their business plans. This week, they are going to present their projects. In the afternoon, we're going to have a going away party and I'm ordering pizza. If you are able, please have your child bring a drink for him/herself and maybe a chip snack for everyone. We have 15 students:) This is our good-bye. Crazy!