Harriet Tubman

By Ann Petry

Harriet Tubman Summary

Harriet Tubman was a slave. Old Rit and Ben cared for her, but as she got older she started to develope man-like strength. She wanted to escape, and when she did she wanted to help other slaves to become free. So she started freeing slaves over and over again with challenges and risk-taking moves.

Character Description

Harriet Tubman is a strong, short, helpful women. She was born in Maryland around 1821 in Dorchester County. In 1849, she ran North with the help of a white woman. She became known as Moses because she talked with God every day. At one point she had four fugutives, and three were worth money, but she was worth 12,000 dollars! Harriet saved more than 300 slaves and died on March 10, 1913.
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Harriet Tubman's Life

  • Harriet was born in Dorchester County, Maryland on around 1821.
  • She was sold out to different plantations.
  • She escaped from Doc Thompson's plantation.
  • She married John Tubman but left later on.
  • She freed over 300 slaves until death.
  • Harriet gave slaves houses, but they said they had to make money and told them stories.
  • She died on March 10, 1913.