Social media in the workplace

Will dorn

My opinion

I believe that social media can be used in a good way for any company to get their word out. Youtube is a more open ended option because it isn’t only used for music. I’ve seen a lot of companies use youtube to demo products and such. On the topic of music, I’ve seen a lot of artists and bands use a youtube channel to promote their music. Record labels are starting to follow the same path. Soundcloud, I would say, is the most well known platform for musicians to upload their music to. The record label business is booming on this website. Bandcamp on the other hand, has mastered this. They recently added “bandcamp for labels” which was made specifically for record labels. Bandcamp is really organized in terms of genres, but it feels more like an online music store (which it is) rather than a music site. Overall I would say that, if used correctly, will help a music business in this modern, tech savvy world.