September News & Recognition

Team BeHOOTiful

Welcome to September BeHOOTiful! The school year is underway or soon to be underway and hopefully you are ready! As a high school teacher, I can say, I AM NOT ready haha! What am I ready for? A crazy, fun-filled, jam packed September! This is your time as an Origami Owl designer to shine. Welcome new designers! You have joined an amazing group of ladies who are just amazing! We are thrilled you have joined us on this journey! And what an amazing journey it is! :-)

If you haven't heard the news, Origami Owl is NO LONGER ON A WAIT LIST! That's right, anyone can get their wings the day they make a decision to change their lives!! What does this mean for you? It means leadership! Please make sure you are aware of all the policies and procedures of O2 before giving any information to new designers. If you are unsure of something, check with your mentor first! If posting on the team facebook page, make sure you are giving out correct information before posting!

This is an exciting time for us all so get out there and share your O2 excitement!! I look forward to talking to each and every one of you! Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or happy news!!


Recognition! HOOT HOOT!!!

Whoo's Growing Their Teams?

With no wait list, expect to see more growing teams and a lot more promotions in the months to come!!

Kyna Lunglhofer- 3

Meghan Shaffer-1

Monique Terc-1

Patrice Hopkins-1

Whoo's Promoting?

Let's share all those promotions that you worked hard to get!!

Team Leader- HOOT HOOT!!

Kyna Lunglhofer

Leading Designer

Melissa Shaffer

Who's going to be the first Senior Team Leader and earn the Something Earned, Something Blue incentive?!!

August Recognition

Individual Top in Sales- Desiree Toler $1328.70 pv

Team Top in Sales-Stephanie Blanchette's Team $3074.48 pv

Designers with over $1000 in Personal Volume

Desiree Toler $1328.70

Patrice Hopkins $1080.04

Teresa Hair $1054.44

Designers with over $500 in Personal Volume

Monique Terc

Melissa Shaffer

Heather Snyder

Stephanie Blanchette

Christyn Everly

Donna O'Connor

Kimmy Ngo

Kyna Lunglhofer

There were an additional 11 ladies with PV over $99 which is fantastic! Way to go ladies!!

August Incentive Winners!!

September Incentive!!

Whoo's excited for this month's team incentives!?!

This month, every designer is able to win an amazing business supply package!

$99 in PV- 1 entry

every $250 in additional pv- 1 entry

New gen 1 designer added to your team- 3 entries

New gen 2, 3, 4, etc added to your team- 1 entry

Every qualifying party entered into the back office- 1 entry

Every designer has a chance to win the business supply package this month!!

September Meeting

Monday, Sep. 16th, 7pm

11788 Clarks Mountain Rd

Bristow, VA

My mentor, Kristen will be leading the team meeting this month! We will be discussing our vision boards (bring yours if you have one) and much more!!

October Team Meeting

Monday, Oct. 21st, 7pm

11788 Clarks Mountain Rd

Bristow, VA

Topics are TBD!

Team Lineage & My Contact Info

Team Lineage:

Heidi Russell- direct to corporate

Leslie Rhodes

Lisa Vining

Kristen Tuttle

Amy Homan