Pinterest For Your Business

How to Make Pinterest Work For You!

Gain More Business

Pinterest is a social platform that allows consumers to promote products and services for free. They can categorize their pins into "boards" that are of interest to them. Examples include: Do it Yourself, Crafts, Recipes, For the Home, Wedding Planning, and many more. With 70 million users, you should be using Pinterest to promote your business. What an easy way to get free advertising and to millions of people!

Follow Me!

Pinterest offers a free advantage to businesses. The follow-me button is just a few lines of code that can go on your emails as a footer or header or you can even put it on your website. With just a click, people will be following you and will see your pins on their dashboard. This means that they will see your product and be thinking about it without having it physically in hand.

One Big Advantage

New to Pinterest is another button that is called a Buyable Pin. This pin is placed right next to the red Pin It button. This is an easy way for a business to gain new customers and increase sales. Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales and you still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have. Pinterest hopes to have 30 million Buyable Pins for many notable brands. This is not eligible for Android phones just yet though.
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