Shoe design

by stefano

Designing the designer

All great shoe designers have to be very creative and open minded.

That says that people with a lot of potential and creativity can apply for a job like this.

People who are usually good at art and designs get hired for this job which makes more people get jobs.

What is a shoe designer responsible for?

Well first a shoe designer is responsible for haveing different creative designs and models.

Shoe designers always have to get ideas and need to get the best aspects of different popular shoes to sometimes create there own.

what education do you need for shoe design ?

According to experts if a person were interested in this job you would have to get into a fashion institute and a art institute. The designer needs a lot of education to have this job for the designing.

what if there was no shoe designer ?

Without a shoe designer there wouldn't be any

colors on the shoe or any adjustments to the shoe and no creativity placed in it.

shoes of all sorts had designs , they started in the gladiator era and up to now we have all different designs. In the gladiator era they wore sandals but made them by different cloths according to the wealth of the person and the amount of money was being payed to make the sandal.

How are the 4 C`s used in shoe design?

According to a specialist Communication is used when big companies like Nike and Adidas would want a certain shoe design and the company would need to explain in details of what the shoe design would look like. communication is also used when the company would want a special category like basketball or football or soccer for the shoe design.

Critical thinking is used before the shoe design so the designer can think of what to do and how to sketch the shoe. Critical thinking is also used in marketing of the design and the amount of resources he has like colors or time and money.

Creativity is used when the designer is designing the shoe , if the designer wanted to make a unique shoe he would use creativity and the aspects of what the consumer asked for. The designer needs to know what the consumer wants so he could use that and a few adjustments to the design.

According to a expert in shoe design collaboration is used when both the manufacturer and the designer create the shoe and think about what type of fabrics they should use for the shoe. They have to select from different shades of colors that the consumer wanted.

What is a shoe designer

''A person who devises or executes designs''

A person who designs or creates a type or design of shoe.