Hoffman Fine Arts & PE Newsletter

Hoffman PE

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

Hello students and families,

We have had a great start to the New Year in PE! Over the past couple weeks we have been in our Tumbling Unit. We have talked about and safely practiced many tumbling stunts, rolls, jumps and balances! With all of the skills that we learned, students are putting together their own unique tumbling routines that they will share with their teacher and classmates by posting a video of their performances on Schoology. We look forward to seeing how creative the students are when creating and performing their routines!

GET READY! Kids Heart Challenge will be kicking off on Friday, January 29th for a month of learning about heart health and emotional well-being, while having FUN and SAVING LIVES! We look forward to learning about ways to take care of our hearts and brains while practicing kindness, gratitude and learning ways to de-stress. Plus, we have a chance to earn PE equipment for our school AND SLIME MR.RUSSELL!

More information will be shared with students and parents in the weeks to follow! :)

-Mrs. Bosco, Mr. Russell & Mrs. V

Hoffman Art

Happy New Year!

Our first week back we had a catch up art day to give students extra time to complete and submit any missing work for trimester 2. We have completed two assignments so far: "Lovely Leaves" and "Zentangles." Finished work should be uploaded to Artsonia. The Hoffman Artsonia code is: TYBP-PYZW.

We have just begun a landscape project that I hope will move at a pace that everyone can stay on top of. Please remember that Zoom attendance is important for gaining knowledge and getting direction. I have been so impressed with students' participation, creativity, and work ethic through these tough times! The fine arts can be a real healing and (hopefully) stress relieving experience for students.

Students can find the landscape slideshow in Schoology, or on the front page of the virtual classroom. Students have been encouraged to save the virtual classroom to their homescreen so they can easily access it!

Many students have reported missing or dried out markers. If possible, it would be helpful for families to replenish or replace these as they are our most used supply when working from home.

I hope your families are well! Please reach out if you are struggling with assignments or supplies! Students and parents can email me at sdallow@glenview34.org.

-Mrs. Dallow

A New Year, A New me: This is what I see

In Drama Fifth and Fourth graders are working on developing their own vision for 2021, which includes writing their own material!

Each student is writing a separate piece that will be woven together to make one classroom piece.

In my opinion, everyone's words, just like the thread of a tapestry, are unique and needed to keep the fabric from falling apart.

Students are focusing less on what divides them and discussing more options on how to come together through tolerance.

Here are examples of three student submissions.

"New Year, New Me

this is what I see:

I see love


and the finish

to this gloomy pandemic

I see the end to raging fires

and a new dawn

of love


and health"

Written by:

Sean Donohue

5th grader

"New Year, New Me

this is what I see:

I see a girl being kinder,

working, learning and becoming wiser.

Spending time with my family,

talking more with my Grammy.

I want to get along better with my sister,

be nicer and become a more loving caregiver."

Written by:

Anna Ortiz

4th grader

"Working together

finding the fun

a new world to live in

with a vaccine for everyone

but while we are still waiting

creativity sparks

Art and Music

and more visiting National Parks

air hugs and blowing kisses

more zoom and online games

and when the vaccines are out

that creativity remains!"

Written by:

Natalie Krueger

4th grader

Stay tuned for a final virtual New Year, New Me performance piece towards the end of the semester.

Third graders are learning about Story Elements and how to identify and demonstrate them in Drama.

Setting, Character, Problem and Solution are creatively being taught by playing a storytelling game where students are spotlighted and asked to add characters, problems or solutions to another student's story.

The audience is kept busy identifying each story element and writing what they hear via the zoom chat.

All students are expected to show up to their scheduled Drama zoom class where we delve further into the activities and clarify questions, by modeling examples.

Students are notified if they have to prepare something ahead of time in addition to any weekly assignments that are posted on Schoology.

I truly am enjoying watching your child creatively emerge as actors, storytellers and writers with every encounter.

Thank you for allowing me to share this virtual space with your student safely,

Ms. Cone

Hoffman Drama teacher

"The highest result of education is tolerance"

~ Helen Keller

Hoffman Music

Welcome Back!

3rd Grade - The 3rd graders are going to finish up recorder this month and move into instrument families for February. They are also taking their first playing test (Hot Cross Buns). I know they're a little nervous, but they're going to be great! I wasn't sure how learning recorder over Zoom was going to go, but the students have far exceeded my expectations!

4th Grade - The 4th grade students are continuing their piano/keyboard unit. Students have to take a playing test where they can choose what to play for me. It's one of my favorite parts of this unit: getting to hear the progress they've made over the past several weeks. Songs that I've heard range from Mary Had A Little Lamb, Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star all the way to Moonlight Sonata. The students continue to impress me each week! We will finish up this unit by the end of the month and move onto our Human Voice unit.

5th Grade - Due to the ongoing pandemic, having a 5th grade musical is not an option for this school year. And January is the month when we would normally start this process. To make up for it, I've decided to go through one musical per class. This includes reading through the synopsis, reading through parts of the script, listening to the music while looking at the score and viewing scenes from each musical. Musical that we will be studying are Annie, The Music Man, Seussical and Into the Woods.