The drooling dog bakery

Best bakery in town!!

Wonderful desserts and scrumptious breads. The most delicious unique coffee brand to be produced in the longest time!

Our dog drool menu

Price based on products


Paw shaped sugar cookies $2.50/cookie

Dog biscuits= paw shaped snicker doodles $2.50/cookie

Dog turds= no bakes made with crushed Oreos $3.00/cookie

Alfa Monster cookies $2.50/cookie

Peanut butter panics $2.15/cookie


Chocolate Carmel drop muffins $3.50/muffin

Coffee cake muffins $3.25/muffin

Banana nut muffins $3.50/muffin





Coffee cake

Chocolate chip


Drooling dog coffeehouse and bakery

For answers to your questions or comments please call or email us. We appreciate your service.

Our new mugs will be similar to this we hope you will enjoy them,

They are $6.00 a mug

Art studio

Don't forget to visit the art gallery at the top floor, and please ask if you would be interested in displaying your art in our gallery. We look for new art each month.

Company information

4520 Bauer Brook Ct

Lawrence, KS 66049