Techy Tuesday

Celebrating Techy Teachers and Sharing A Few Techy Finds...

Spotlight on our very own Patty Domenick!

In a recent study of weather, our very own fabulous 4th grade teacher Mrs. Domenick encouraged her students to be creative scientist, writers and critical thinkers! Using the app Touchcast, 4th graders created weather reports about tornados, hurricanes and thunderstorms! Using the skills they have learned in multiple subject areas, they incorporated cause and effect reasoning and safety tips for these natural disasters in weather reports to share with their classmates! What an engaging way to teach science while also incorporating language arts, math and technology! Way to go 4th graders and way to go Mrs. Domenick!

In a Word Study Rut?

Are you searching for a new way to review those word study words?

Check out this link below! Using this Snapguide tutorial, you can learn how to use Quizlet to search for word study words families for your classroom! It's easy! It's step by step! It's a change of pace! This is a wonderful way to take a simple task we ALL do in our classrooms and upgrade it to the 21st century!

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Popplet Lite … it's EASY PEASY!!!!

Are you using Popplet? Popplet is a tool to help students create and organize their ideas of ANY topic, subject or content area! The uses for Popplet are ENDLESS and the ease of students working in this app will amaze you! Check out these examples! Experiment, play around with your students and this app and see what creative ways YOU can use this easy-to-use app!

How Could YOU Use Popplet Lite?

Do You Have a Techy Success to Share?

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Need a Techy Teacher One on One Session?

Don't forget, if you are in need or techy support with iPads, MacBooks or ideas for how to incorporate technology into your classroom, a simple click on the link below can arrange a special one on one session!

Techy Food for Thought…

“New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” - Sir Peter Blake