Professional Development Catalog

NRESC Summer/Fall Offerings

The NRESC offers a catalog of cost effective workshops in the areas of business services, legal updates, communications support, educational and leadership best practices, technology, and related services–just to name a few! In addition, the NRESC is coordinating with local universities and providers to provide a multitude of options to meet the needs of individuals and/or school districts.

Please contact Fran Leishman in the Education Department for enrollment or pricing information. We can be reached at:

973-614-8585, ext. 110

Current Offerings for Summer and Fall

All of the offerings are "On Demand" and can be scheduled to fit in with the needs of your school calendar. The NRESC can also provide these training on site at one of our locations to via video conference!

Many of these trainings would be ideal for orientation sessions, new teacher training, and administrative retreats!

Special Education

Consultative Services

The NRESC offers individualized, ongoing consultative services for common special education needs. We will meet to discuss district needs, budget, staff, and how your individual needs can addressed. All services are provided by retired special education administrators, highly trained BCBA's, or master teachers. Examples of these services have been a review of district's ABA programs and improvement plans for these programs and training for teachers, paraprofessionals, and teachers on proper use and placement for one to one aides for students.

Handle With Care Training
Half day or full day workshop to certify staff in restraint/seclusion training.

Co-Teaching Training
Half day or full day workshop-general and special education teachers will be trained in the implementation of co-teaching models as well as different ways to make the most out of their partnership.

ABA and Behavior Management Through Dyadic Modeling
Best Practices of dyadic modeling for teachers and therapists to address behavioral challenges and academic needs of an ABA classroom with limited staff.

Aging Out of School and Into the DDD
A guide to navigate the difficult transition from school based special needs to adult services for parents.

Instructional Technology

G-Suite for Educators
Learn how to effectively use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Keep, and Google Contacts, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and google classroom.

Microsoft Office for Educators
Learn how to effectively use word, excel, powerpoint, and outlook.

Email Basics for Educators
Make the most of Microsoft outlook or Gmail

Chrome Extensions
There are hundreds of extensions that can help make your students browser more efficient and provide educational opportunities. This session will highlight some of these apps and the best way to use them.

Alternative Education

Through a partnership with GOMO Educational Services ( the NRESC is able to offer on demand professional development on the topics of restorative practices, equity, cultural competence, trauma, and social emotional learning. These workshops can be tailored to address the needs of an entire staff, specific teaching/administrative staff, or a new teacher orientation.

Business Office

Business Ethics
School officials should “lead by example” when it pertains to ethics in purchasing. This session reviews the dos’ and don’ts of ethical purchasing with uncomfortable examples of school officials who were not ethical.

Business Office Procedures and Regulations
This session provide ideas and tips for running day to day operations of an effective and efficient business office.

Public School Purchasing
Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 5:34-1.1 (b), school districts are required to provide training to school officials on proper purchasing procedures. This session presents the basic concepts to give in the mandatory training session.

Public School Bidding
This session provides a background in the proper ways to execute, advertise, and open a bid as public school business department.

RFP/ Competitive Contracting
This session provides a background in the proper ways to write and develop successful competitive contracts in order to find the most cost effective services for your school district.


District Branding
This session will help you align your visual identity with your educational experience.

Crisis Communications and Media Relations
This session will cover the phases of crisis communication along with best practices for messaging and managing the media.

Intro to Social Media
Consistency is key when it comes to social media. Learn how to increase your presence and your following on social media.

Don't see a workshop to meet your needs? We will develop one for you and your district!



Please contact Fran Leishman in the Education Department for enrollment or pricing information.