News from the 'View

Skyview Upper Elementary School

Upcoming Events at Skyview

February 6 - Home & School Meeting 7 p.m.

February 14, 17, 18 - School closed for students

February 18 - Conferences

February 21 - Home & School Fun-A-Thon (see attached flyer)

6th Grade Honors Placement - Science CDT information

As part of the rubric for determining placement in 7th grade honors science, Skyview 6th graders will take (2) CDT (Classroom Diagnostic Tools) sub-tests: Nature of Science and Earth & Space Science. These tests are scheduled to take place during science classes between February 11 and February 28, 2020.

The Pennsylvania Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDT) is a set of online assessments, divided by content areas (Literacy, Mathematics, and Science), and is designed to provide diagnostic information to guide instruction in order to support intervention and enrichment. Students will be participating in questions that measure their understanding of the Nature of Science and of Earth Science concepts.‚Äč

PSSA testing at Skyview

Skyview students will participate in PSSA testing in ELA and Mathematics on the following dates:

ELA - April 20. 21, 22

Math - April 27 and 28

Please note that testing sessions take place in the morning on each day. We appreciate students being in attendance on these dates.

Title I Resource Corner

We are fortunate to offer support in classes for qualifying students through Title I in Reading and Math. Our goal is to also offer support and practical resources for families. Check out the links below for resources for helping your child with Math and Reading!

This website is a great spot to find resources for helping your child with math homework - click here

This article has seven questions to use while talking with your child about their reading. (While the examples in the article relate to lower levels, the questions are important for 5th and 6th graders as well as they read.) - click here