My Learning Progress


Google forms are important to use in businesses and work place for feedback and decision making.

Google Forms

Google forms is a convenient way to get your big question answered.

There are many different kinds of ways to ask the questions such as:

  • text

  • paragraph text

  • multiple choice

  • text boxes

  • choose from list

  • scales

  • Grid

  • date

  • time

Depending on the topic the results will usually be similar,50/50, or totally different. Every form ends up differently but if you have the right small questions, the results you get should answer your big question.

Extending my Knowledge

Restaurants use forms/surveys to get feedback on there food or location. It can help create a better atmosphere and make restaurants that much better. I've learned how to create and make a form for this purpose.

Google Doc

Google Docs is great to use for writing Essays, Assignments/Projects, and for putting information in. Sharing with your peers is one of the many tools you can do with Google Docs. To open a Google Doc, you click create and then document, in your Google Drive. Once your document is open, in the top right corner, you shall find a blue share button. When you click on the share button it will ask you to name your document and then type in email addresses of the people you want to share your document with. This is helpful for group projects and editing because it can be done from all computers.

Extending My Knowledge

Google Docs has many different tools and one of the tools include drawing. To activate drawing, click insert, and then drawing. Draw whatever you need to and then click save&close in the top right corner. Once it is in your document you can move it around. Drawing on Google Docs can be helpful in projects and assignments. Also this can be fun to just play around on.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is used for many different things but one of the tools we used throughout the year was making a brochure. When making a brochure make sure that the text size and font is consistent keeping the brochure looking neat and professional. Also a way to make the brochure better is inserting pictures to break up the text, making the brochure more interesting. Their are so many options of colours and layouts for brochures on Microsoft Publisher, that it can be used for almost anything.

Extending my Knowledge

Microsoft has many tools to use and I learned how to make a post card/invitation. This is a quick easy way to save money and send something to a friend. Once you choose your design you like, you fill in the information and its ready to print! Nothing is faster than being able to do it at home. We all like to save money and that helps make it a great tool to use.