science report

by Madison-rose Girardot

Is the amount of salt in the ocean different at different beaches ?

background information: Sea water tends to range between 30 and 35 ppt ( parts per thousand). This is equivalent to 3.0 to 3.5% ( or parts per hundred).

problem: is the salt levels the same at different beaches

hypthesis: the salt concentration will be similar

aim: to see if the water samples have the same salt concentraion as the ocean.


  • 4 jars
  • 4 different places
  • pans
  • a scale


  • independent: the different places etc towradgi beach, towradgi pool, tap, mullet creek
  • dependent: how much salit is in the sea water/ water
  • controlled: the amount of water, same measuring equipment, boiling the water for the same amount of time, not mixing waters together


  1. get a sample of water ( half a jar )
  2. repeat 1 for all beaches/ creeks/ etc
  3. boil water until there is no water left ( for all samples )
  4. weigh the salt
  5. write down results in table


Beach & how much

Towradgi beach 10g

Towradgi pool 11g

Mullet Creek 5g

tap water 0g

is the amount of water different at different beaches?


My discussion would be that different beaches and creeks that hold different amounts water, hold different amounts of salt. And with results it shows that Towradgi pool has 1g more of salt then Towradgi beach. I thought about how this would be true, and found out that the water in the pool doesn't always go back out into the ocean, some of it will evaporate leaving more salt residue, so more salt stays in the pool. I didn't think Mullet creek would contain salt, so my results surprised me, i chose Towradgi beach and pool on purpose because they were close together and I wanted to see if they would of been different, even though the are literally 5 metres away from each other. Mullet creek is not close to any beaches so thats why i chose it, and by me seeing if tap water contained salt or not, was just for curiosity.


my results doesnt support my hypothesis, it shows different salt concentration which would be correct as differetn places hold different amounts of water.