6th Grade Band News

September 14, 2020

6th Grade Lessons Begin This Week

Every student has been scheduled for a weekly 15 minute band lesson! These lessons are a requirement of this class and more importantly, they represent the best way for us to assess and help your child! If your child's lesson time does not work, please contact us to arrange for a make up lesson or to move to a new time. The link to lesson schedule is below. Lessons will begin this week and the lesson times listed will remain consistent through first quarter.

At the end of the day that your student has their lesson with us, we will send an email report to both you and your student with a summary. This will serve to both document their attendance for the week as well as to keep you and your student informed of their progress on their instrument.

For the first two weeks, we will also send a reminder message to your student's email address on the morning of their lesson.

Keeping In Touch

This year, we will be communicating in a few different ways in order to keep everyone informed in the manner that best works for them. You can expect to hear from PVMS Band in these ways:

  1. Email Newsletters: These will be sent out monthly at least (more often if necessary) and will contain links and general information about what your student is doing in band. This newsletter is an example.
  2. Remind App: We will only send out messages through this service when absolutely necessary. (we do not want to blow up anyone's phone) To receive messages through Remind, you must opt-in using the instructions attached below.
  3. Infinite Campus Email: We will send messages out through infinite campus with specific updates that cannot wait to be included in the newsletter.

All of these updates will also be available on the 6th grade band website.

Guardian Contact Preferences

Please let us know how you prefer to be contacted during distance learning should we need to get in touch. We will try to use this method first should we need to reach out.

Your One-Stop Information Hub for Band

Everything that students will need for band will be posted in Mr. Quaglieri's google classroom site, however, parents do not have an easy way to access this content. To make life simpler, we will post everything on the PVMS 6th grade band portion of the SPBB band department website. (this site is also linked in your students "forward facing document") We are adding new material daily so check back often!

Need Supplies?

No problem! Just click the link below to order supplies from Ward-Brodt. Our road rep comes to Prairie View on Fridays and we will help deliver to your home.

Band Blast Off (for students who did NOT attend Band Starts Now! in August)

Band Starts Now!, our summer start up program was held in August to give students a chance to get started on their instrument. We will be offering comparable opportunities starting this week for students who were not able to attend starting this week including pre-recorded videos and a live instructional component.

Mr. Quaglieri will be sending out another newsletter specifically to families and students who were not able to attend. Please do not delete this email as it will contain important information about this necessary start-up program.

Band Spirit Wear

The SPASD band boosters are selling spirit wear featuring our new logo! You can check out the products by following the link below. The deadline for the first round of orders is September 21, however, the online store will continue to remain open after this date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the Large Group Band Meetings?
​A: Mondays and Thursdays from 1:20-1:40 pm. For now, students will attend both sessions. We may adjust this plan as the quarter goes on.

Q: What do I need to know about lessons?
A: Your student is already scheduled for a weekly 15 minute band lesson! These lessons are a requirement of this class and more importantly, they represent the best way for us to assess and help your student! If your child's lesson time does not work, please contact us to arrange for a make up lesson or to move to a new time. Lessons will begin the week of Sept. 14.

Q: What are the Zoom Links for band lessons?

Q: What Zoom Link does my child use?

A: Always use Mr. Quaglieri's link for full band meetings.

When it comes to lessons, you will need to consult the band lesson schedule to find who your student's lesson teacher is and click the correct link for that teacher.

Q: Are there special procedures regarding Zoom?

A: YES! Here are a few specific expectations for Zoom band lessons:

  1. Warm-up 5 minutes BEFORE lesson.
  2. Have music and supplies ready.
  3. Use a music stand and sit on a hard chair.
  4. Be in a quiet space (if possible) with a good connection.
  5. Close other tabs on your device.
  6. Use FIRST and LAST name on Zoom to gain entry.

Q: What is the attendance policy for band class and lessons?
A: Students are expected to show up for full band meetings and their weekly lesson. Attendance

will be taken in every class and lesson.
Present= Evidence of student participation in class
Absent=no evidence of participation

Q: What if my student will be absent for a class or a lesson?
A: Your student should contact their music teacher immediately via email. They will need to complete any missed work in class or reschedule the missed lesson. If an email is not sent and no evidence of participation is seen then they will be marked absent.

Q: What happens if my student's instrument stops working?
A: Contact Mr. Quaglieri or Mrs. Gleason and we will help solve that problem!

Q: How is band class different from the band lesson?
A: Band class will be a time to learn more about skills, knowledge, literacy, and connections in music. Lessons will focus on building music skills on the instrument itself.

Q: How will students know what has been assigned each week?
A: All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

Q: Will we have concerts or performances?
A: The future is a bit uncertain, however, our hope is that we will be able to hold an "in-person" concert or to record a concert for broadcast yet this year. Regardless, we have plans for some exciting virtual experiences and will be prepared to pivot!


If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us:

Matt Quaglieri

6th Grade Band, 6th and 7th Grade Lessons


520-0122 (Text Message)

834-7839 (Office)

Erin Gleason

7th Grade Band, 6th and 7th Grade Lessons



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