The Watergate Scandal

Nixon resigned after facing impeachment

Who I am

I am John Tyler. I am 23. I work at a law firm in D.C. so that is how i will be getting my info. A popular movie out is pinochio and Micheal Jackson is a big artist. Bell bottoms are popular right now. It is 1972.

Dear Jane,

I have just recently heard that the Democratic national commitie at the watergate complex has been broken into. I have been trying to get as much info as possible right now but it is just developing. I will get you more info as it unfolds. In the mean time D.C. has been great I cant wait to get home to you and the kids. Tell Jessica daddy says Hello. I am not possitive when I will be back. Well that is all for now.

Love, John Tyler

Dear Jane,

I have just heard that President Nixon has had something to do with the break in. He has been acting very suspicious. He has been firing people, Giving hush money, and trying to get the case dropped. He is going to resign because he is facing impeachment. Also I heared that there are secret microphones in his office recording him as he speaks. Also some good news I will be home In late July So I will See you and Jessica.

Love, John Tyler.

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