Causes Of The American Revolution


Colonists rebel against England

The American revolution was caused by a series of things, lots of which were caused by taxes. Some of these taxes include, The Quartering act, The Navigation Acts, The Townshend Acts, The Stamp Acts, and the Intolerable Act. One big cause of the American Revolution was the Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party. The American revolution was a war against England. After the French and Indian war, the king of England was in debt. The King then started taxing people in the 13 Colonies. The 13 Colonies didn't think it was right for the King to ignore them or a long time, then when he was in debt, he taxes them! The colonists even threatened and attacked the tax collectors at times.

The Navigation Acts

There were plenty of new laws that England gave the 13 colonists and one of them was the Navigation Act. This law was basically an effort to put mercantilism back into practice. This law is to let the colonists trade certain items outside the empire, but all trades have to go to England first. A part of this law was also the Sugar Act, what the sugar act did was set a tax for sugar, but the Colonists did not like this law because they did not want to pay any taxes at all. In the end this act showed resentment from England.
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Townshend Acts

The Townshend acts were taxes on things like tea, glass, and paper. These items were needed for the Quartering act as well so it was getting very expensive! In response to this act, the daughters of liberty started to make their own cloth instead of buying it from the British.The British Government ended up repealing the taxes but still continued to tax tea. In response to this, the Sons Of Liberty threatened and attacked tax collectors.

The Boston Massacre

In March 5, 1770, 5 colonists were killed while protesting by British Soldiers. This event became known as the Boston Massacre. In response to the Boston Massacre, the Sons of Liberty used this event to propaganda.Opposing Samuel Adams, his cousin, John Adams, defended the British soldiers during the trial.

The Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

The Tea Act was when the parliament let only one tea company sell tea and even lowered the price of the tea. Although the colonists were unhappy about the tea act because they did not want to pay at all. So responding to the situation, the Sons Of Liberty dumped 342 crates of tea out in harbor, this became know as the Boston Tea Party.
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The Intolerable Acts

The Coercive acts were a set of laws that were made in effort to make the colonists to keep buying tea and keep them from attacking the British soldiers. These laws were so harsh that the colonists called them the intolerable acts. These acts meant no trade, no town meetings, that the British were in control of the colony and it also strengthened the Quartering Act. As a respond to the Intolerable Acts, the other colonies were starting to get revolutionary behavior.
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