The Final "Daze"

Tying Up Loose Ends

We finished our final math topic a week ago and now, we are using our Math time to play review games in preparation for first grade!
In writing, it's been exciting to see the students really take on a voice of their own as I remove most of my support. They are writing multiple sentences that make sense and are maintaining conventions of writing (spacing, capitalization, punctuation, etc.). In our unit of study, Alive & Well, we finished up the unit with an informational writing in the form of a Poster! Students learned how to make a visual and some informative pieces to add to their poster so people would want to see what their poster was all about! Then we pulled it all together with a catchy title. The class really loved the new way of sharing information and we decided to post them in our hall for a little while! See some of the pictures below!

Learning About Life Cycles with Butterflies

We enjoyed learning about, raising and watching the life cycle of a butterfly! The class was amazed to see how quickly caterpillars grow and shed their skin before they become a chrysalis! We had lots of questions: What's that red stuff? A: myocin, left over dye that the caterpillars didn't need to become butterflies. How will they learn to eat? A: Mrs. Mohn will show them where the sugar water is on the cotton balls. How will they fly? A:When their wings are dry and they've had time to warm up. Why is our room so hot??? Because butterflies feel better with the air is warm and we want them to be ready to fly outside. See some of the pictures below that capture our time with the butterflies!

All About Plants

We have been studying about plants, parts of plants, what plants/seeds need to grow, and plants we eat! We have been using our research skills with books and online programs like to learn all we can about each plant part before writing everything we know about roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds. Each day, we took time during writers' workshop to work on an informational piece about each part of the plant and added it to our plant craftivity so we could turn it into another Informational poster! Come by and check them out as they are on display in our hallway! We will bring them home on "Y is for Year End Clean Up."
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Spot's Last Visit

Wow! We already received our final letter from Spot, the word-spotting dog! He mentioned how proud he was of all the Word-Spotters-in-Training. He was so impressed that he made us Official Word-Spotters--with a certificate and all! It was a bitter-sweet moment for us. We are glad to have earned our new title, but a little sad to say good-bye to Spot! He did ask us to return his word-cards so he could share them with a new group of kindergartners next year, and the class was pleased as punch to take a "word-walk" to help him collect and organize his cards for next year! ;-)
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Six Flags Read To Succeed

Congratulations to the students who completed the Six Flags Read to Succeed Challenge. Students who read for 6 hours during third quarter and returned their reading log, received their certificate and free ticket to Six Flags last week! We will be offering this opportunity again next year, so be on the look out if you want to help your first grader meet the challenge and enjoy the reward! (not pictured: Isha J.)
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ABC Countdown Highlights in Pictures

We love picnics!