Poetry Anthology

By: Michelle Mayes


Michelle Mayes was born in Fort Hood, Texas. Her life primarily revolved around the military. Family is a key component in her life. She resorted to poetry for expression of her feelings.

My Life

I am from military, from arithmetic’s and MRE’S.

I am from the audacious.

I am from the blue bonnet, the sunflower.

I am from eating and warmth, from Robyn and Michael and Mayes.

I am from the witty and compassionate.

From two wrongs don’t make a right and family is entirety.

I am from Christianity, from faith and devotion to our creator.

I'm from Fort Hood Texas, steak and potatoes.

From the field where I was herded by my dog, pursued till I collapse, out of breathe and at loss.

I am from the hushed dreadful ride to the hospital where I await to see my dad lay in the hospital bed hopeless and stabbed fearing that his last breathe is approaching. From the late nights hearing him sob and mourn from losing his partner and from the guilt of it not being him.

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The Phone Call I Never Expected

The phone call I never expected came.

Fear struck my body,

"She had a heart attack."

those words played in my head over and over on the hushed ride to the hospital

I thought it couldn't get any worse

oh I was wrong

The phone rang again

My heart sank, "I'm sorry to inform you...."

She's gone.

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Ode To My Grandma

I love you.

My best friend that's what you are,

My rock

The person I expressed everything to

Oh my loving Gram ,

Why did you have to go?

My little loving lately that's what you used to call me.

Those words linger in my head.

Day in.

Day out.

The thought of you sneaks a smile on my face.

You and me were like two peas in a pod.


You were what kept me going,

each and every day.

Your passing deeply affected me

The loneliness creeps up on me.

I hold the praying hands from your casket when I need you close.

I miss you.

Oh Gram I will forever remember your influence in my life.

I love you.

Why did you have to go?

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is falling flake by

flake. Chills run over my

body causing my lips to rapidly chatter.

Its that time of year. Winter. Time for hot cocoa and snow angels.

Time for family and giving. The excitement of Christmas is approaching. Day

by day the feeling grows. Oh Winter isn't about receiving gifts its simply about one thing..


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My Love

Oh my love come back

what we had was so special

we met on the beach in that old rusty shack

you with my feelings were oh so careful

you were my soul mate

the one I wanted to be with forever

I thought to my self "Oh wait"

you played me and your games were oh so clever

I sobbed many nights

At the thought of you

I sat in the dark, no lights

all along you knew

you never loved me

you were always going to flee

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My favorite selection would have to be "My Life" poem. I feel that it showcases my life and my experiences well. I used experiences and memorable events for inspiration in my poems. my intended effect on the reader was to give them an insight on my mind and my life. I felt that the writing process was a little frustrating at first, but once it got going it went smoothly.