By: Estrella and Jesus

Who was your country's colonial power? Who took them over?

Britain was their colonial power and they took Sudan over.

When did they took over?


Why did they take over? What did your country have that was worth taking over?

They took over because they wanted to gain power of the Nile river and they wanted to have economic control.They could regulate trade and they could use the ports for traveling down river to other African countries.They could also control the trading systems of other countries and also the route of travel for many countries.

How did your parent country take over your country?

They invaded Sudan in 1882.They wanted to make a nationalist revolution and they called this ''The British Conquest''.

How was your country treated under it's colonial power?

They were treated good and badly.They were treated good because the British created the Suez Canal which gave people jobs.They were treated badly because when there was invasions they would not be protected very well.

When did your country gain independence?

January 1,1956

How did Sudan gain independence?

Sudan gained independence from Britain with the inauguration of the 1st parliament in 1954.With the consent of the British and Egyptian Governments, Sudan achieved independence on January 1,1956,under a provisional constitution.

What were the effects of imperialism on your country?

Some of the effects of imperialism in Sudan was that they had an advanced in technology,medicine,and education.

What is your country currently like when looking at it as of today?

There language has changed and they spoke other different languages.One of them is Arabic.
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