Forensic Reconstruction

by : Lupe Garcia

Description of position/roles and responsibilities

two main type of forensic reconstruction

crime reconstruction

  • Reconstruction technicians analyze physical evidence collected from a crime scene, as well as photographs, sketches, notes, lab and test results to determine what occurred and who is involved.
facial reconstruction

  • Forensic sculptors combine artistic talents with knowledge of anatomy to assist law enforcement in identification.

Education needed

crime reconstruction
  • required to have a bachelor's degree in police, forensic or natural science

  • many state and local agencies require them to have a certificate in a law enforcement academy along with on the job training and to continue school.

  • have to renew certificate every 5 years

facial reconstruction

  • facial reconstruction course
  • artistic abilities are a must
  • prior experience with working in some facet of law enforcement is not required but comes in handy

Average salary

crime reconstruction

- 55,000 per year

Facial reconstruction

-$42,610 per year

Work hours

crime reconstruction and facial reconstruction

  • work staggered day, evening, or night shifts and may have to work overtime because they must always be available to collect evidence

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