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November 13, 2020


This week in catechesis we learned about the liturgical colors of the church, red, purple, green, and white. We also enjoyed completing chalk self-portraits in art, playing in the leaves, preparing for our Thanksgiving feasts, and using our senses to explore our world!

Please see below for important Christmas Program information. Don't forget there are also program tickets available for bidding in the "No Show" Auction!!

Thank you so much for the Halloween candy donations. We have collected enough for decorating gingerbread houses.

Thank you also for your wonderful blizzard bag donations! We will continue the food drive for Meals On Wheels through November 19th. If you still plan to donate, we are most in need of easy-open single serve vegetables.

Next Week at a Glance


"No Show" Auction Continues

Blizzard Bag Collections Continue


Parent Watch Day (for children enrolled in dance)


Parent Watch Day (for children enrolled in dance)


Blizzard Bag Collections End


"No Show" Auction Closes


Because flu symptoms and COVID symptoms can overlap, our attention to health and safety becomes even more important during the upcoming flu season. At ECDC we have decided that increasing the time frame for children to recover from illnesses will help reduce the spread of germs and viruses. For this reason, our usual 24-hour rule on returning to school after fever, vomiting, or diarrhea is being temporarily extended to 48 hours unless a doctor’s note is provided releasing the child from exclusion. The school does not require flu or COVID testing, however, parents may choose to obtain a test in the event of exposure. Please know that a negative COVID test does not always eliminate the requirement for quarantine. It is important to communicate with the administration about illnesses so we can provide you with accurate information and recommendations. So far this year we have been able to limit exposures and quarantines and I thank you for your efforts to keep this up!

Total Confirmed ECDC Cases To Date: 1

Total Active ECDC Cases: 0

Students Actively Quarantined: 0

Teachers Actively Quarantined: 0

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Auction Details

Marquette’s No-Show Auction begins TODAY!

The only way to bid on or purchase auction items is online through BidPal.

You must register a credit card with BidPal to participate in the online auction.

To register online please go to

This year rather than having a live auction, a few of our items will be auctioned off Dutch style. This means the bidding for a particular item will start at a premium price, then that price will drop once daily for a week until that item sells. The first person who bids on the item wins!

This year’s Dutch auction items include:

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment from Carter & Higgins Orthodontics

An Evening with Bishop Konderla

The ECDC Art Project

Guardian Angel Kindergarten Quilt

Around Tulsa Kindergarten Quilt

A Week Stay at a Beachside Condominium in Santa Rosa, Florida

ECDC Parking Spot

Marquette Parking Spot

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment from Griffin Orthodontics

Chris Mantle Artwork

Your child(ren) may have spirit dress each day you place a bid online!!

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Christmas Program Information


We are all looking forward to welcoming you to our Christmas Programs in December. If you will not use all 4 tickets, you can return them to us and we will assign them to families requesting additional seats. If you would like to request additional seats, you may email Mrs. Bergner at and she will add you to the waitlist. All guests over the age of two must have a ticket to enter.

What to Wear:

On the day of your child’s program, please dress them in uniform bottoms and a long or short sleeve white shirt. Please refrain from any additional hair accessories, bows, etc., as many of the costumes have a headpiece included. In addition, please be sure they have shoes that meet the dress code requirements. Please be assured that we are taking extra precautions with the costumes. Most children will have a specific garment assigned to them. Others will be cleaned between uses.

When to Arrive:

If your child attends school on the program day please arrive at the regular morning drop-off time. If your child does not usually attend on program day, please bring your child to the gym door 15 minutes prior to the program time. (see below for dates/times)

Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.

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Marquette Holiday Gift Cards

If you plan to buy gift cards as Christmas presents, you can order them through Scrip and Marquette will earn money! An order form is below. Simply fill it out, attach your payment, and return it to the ECDC. Questions? Contact Chrissie Gipson,, 314-369-5304.
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Inclement Weather Notice From Mr. Luetkemeyer

As we enter the winter months, I think it is appropriate to take some time to discuss my approach to closing school due to extreme weather before it happens. All families handle weather differently and I strongly encourage families to make their own decisions regarding whether or not it is safe to travel to school. On a bad weather day or a potentially bad weather day, the school will make a decision to hold classes or not no later than 6:15 in the morning. The school will send a text message through RenWeb and post on the Marquette Facebook page. I always prefer to make a decision about school closure as early as possible, however, sometimes the timing of incoming weather can make the decision difficult. Often times a decision is made during overnight hours, so check your phone/email or social media early in the morning or even the night before.

Once I determine to open school, I will not close the school early barring a major catastrophe or loss of power/heat. Although the school will not be closed mid-day, we do encourage families to make their own decision on picking up their children early. Please do not delay picking up your child(ren) early if you have concerns, we will not make judgments on your personal family decision. Any child picked up after 12:00 will not have any penalties apply to their attendance. To keep phone lines open, however, please do not call ahead to check out your child. We ask that you arrive in the school office and we will call your child down with their things.

Late starts are an option the school may choose to use in the case of bad roads or the potential for bad weather hitting around arrival time. Theoretically, a late start allows families and teachers to begin driving after the sun comes up and could better allow individuals to navigate icy or snow packed streets. While we understand a late start can disrupt a parent’s ability to get to work on time, our hope is that a shorter day at work is better than taking an entire personal day to watch children. During a late start, the school will indicate through email communication what time the building will open and when drop off can begin.

While the school will not ever close early once the day has begun (barring a major catastrophe), the school may choose to close Extended Care early. In the event of bad weather or potentially bad weather later in the day, Extended Care may be closed early. In the event that Extended Care closes early, we ask families to make every effort to pick up their children as soon as possible so that our employees can drive home safely. We will do our very best to make an announcement about extended care as early as possible.

If you should have any questions about our winter weather closing, please contact me at or simply call the school office. The decision to close school is not made easily and I will always try to make a decision that is in the best interest of all of our students, families, and staff. I implore you to never go against your better judgment when making a decision to bring your child(ren) to school. I am making a decision that meets the needs of all our students and families, you must make the decision for your specific family.

Employment Opportunities

Middle School Math

Marquette Catholic School is taking applications for a full-time Middle School (6th-8th Grade) Math Teacher. The position is available immediately, however, we are also accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Marquette’s Middle School math program offers class sizes that average fifteen students or less and employs two full-time math teachers. Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree with certification for high school algebra. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, please submit all information to the principal at and include a resume.



7 Labor Day-No School

24 Early Dismissal 2:15 pm

24 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3-6pm

25 No School

25 Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:30-12pm


1/2 Spirit dress days

5/6 Picture days-free dress

9 Mobile Dairy Classroom

15 Teacher In-service-No School

16 Fall Break-No School

25 Trunk or Treat

29/30 Halloween Festival


2-19 Collections for Blizzard Bags

5/6 Spirit dress days

13-20 "No Show" Online Auction

20 Blizzard Bags Donated to Meals on Wheels

23/24 Thanksgiving Feasts

25-27 Thanksgiving Break


2 Christmas Programs (Bees 9am, Raccoons 10am, Frogs 11am)

3 Christmas Programs (Otters 9am and Owls 10am)

7-8 Pajama Days

17/18 Christmas Parties

19 Christmas Break Begins


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