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September 12, 2020

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Principal's Message

Dear Families,

In a most abnormal year, with a most abnormal start, the Haynes team has been doing some extraordinary, albeit quite normal, back-to-school things. Rooms are being readied. Curriculum is being reviewed, lessons planned and activities designed to welcome students back and start strong. The building shines like it does with the start of every new school year.

At the same time, there is so much that is different. Educators are scheduling Google Meets to collaborate, readying individually-dedicated devices for students, and coordinating schedules for students who will be learning while not physically in our building. We have analyzed air quality, adjusted air circulation systems and added hand sanitization and 6-foot markers throughout our building. It is lost on no one that going to school in 2020 has and will continue to be like nothing any of us has ever experienced.

We are working hard to meet the unique challenges that this year presents us that we as educators and you as parents have never before faced. As we prepare to open school, we do so against the backdrop of two public health crises. We are working to be "normal" as we plan in ways that will help prevent the spread of a virus amidst a global pandemic. At the same time, our nation is facing a reckoning, long overdue, in the battle to combat and eradicate racism in the United States.

Mindful of both of these realities, we are planning for a year that has a heavier-than-usual emphasis on the development and support of the whole person as a social, emotional member of society. Our academic program will continue to be a point of pride for our school and district, while we work to support all the needs of our students. At the start of the year, you will see some front-loading of this work in an effort to set our students up for success. Know that this learning is meaningful and impactful as we launch our year. A core belief of mine as an educator is that students need to be ready to learn before they can learn. We're going to make sure that everyone's health and well-being is cared for so that great academic experiences can take place. We're also going to engage in professional learning about how we can work to create an anti-racist community, starting in the walls of our school and reaching out beyond.

As educators, we always pivot to what is best for educators. This year will be no different.

Perhaps unlike any other time in the history of public education, you as parents will be essential as partners in the work we undertake. We hope you will continue to be there with us and for your children as we embark on this journey together.

What follows is information to assist with your preparation for the first day of school. Please be sure to carefully review this information. As always, please be in touch with questions or if we can be of assistance.

Of particular note is the Haynes In-Person Reopening Plan for Parents. Please take time to carefully review this information ahead of our first day of school. (It may be a print and highlight type of review!)

At Back to School Night last year I spoke about how it is incumbent upon us, for our children, to lean forward, think creatively and anticipate what's ahead in the future of education and the needs unimagined that our children will face. Never could I have imagined how essential that focus would become, or how timely. As we move ahead in the weeks and months ahead, we will build upon all that has and continues to make Haynes a wonderful place to learn, while at the same time continue to learn how we can meet the needs of our students, both this week and for years to come.

As a professional team, our theme this year is to BREATHE. In the midst of the anxiety of what's unknown, the fear of what's to come and the endless frustration that accompanies needing to adjust life as we know it, for longer than any of us feels comfortable doing easily, it benefits everyone is we pause and BREATHE. I extend to you the offer to join with us in this focus on being patient and understanding, curious, nimble and committed to what is best for our students.

The Haynes staff and I look forward to a wonderful year together.


Jeff LaBroad


Click here for the Haynes Reopening Plan for Parents

Please review carefully details about how we will safely "do school" upon our return.

Reminder: Back to School Forms Due Now

Now is also the time to complete a Back to School Packet for each of your children at Haynes. If you haven't already, please be sure to log in to the Aspen Family Portal, where you will be able to see your child(ren)'s classroom teacher assignment. You'll also need to complete the following for each child attending Haynes this year:

  • Update/confirm emergency contact information
  • Submit daily dismissal plans
  • Update health information (including medication permissions)
  • Grant permissions for use of technology, publications and HOP directory information sharing

Until such permission is given, it will be assumed that permission is denied. Timely completion of first day packets through the Aspen Family Portal will enhance student safety and access to resources.

Families with children entering Kindergarten or who are new to Haynes should complete the dismissal plan emailed to you; all other forms were completed at the time of enrollment. New families will receive Aspen login information shortly.

Reminder: Complete Parent Attestation Form

Sudbury is requiring that all parents of students participating in in-person learning sign this Parent Attestation Form regarding responsibility for supplying their child(ren) with a face covering and for conducting daily screenings of their child(ren) for symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) prior to the start of the school day and reporting of any/all symptoms for appropriate District response. Children of parents who elect not to sign this Parent Attestation Form will not be permitted to participate in in-person instruction and will be provided with remote instruction.

Click here to complete the form.

Updated SPS Calendar Released

Click here for the latest 2020-2021 School Calendar, including color-coded cohort days, no-school days and more.

New Elementary School Hours

Beginning September 15, Sudbury's elementary school day hours are as follows:

  • Arrival: 7:55 a.m. (with arrival on-site beginning at 7:45 a.m.)
  • Dismissal: 2:25 p.m.
  • Wednesday Dismissal: 11:45 a.m. (beginning September 23)

First Week Schedule

Please note that for this first week of school, we will adjust our schedule as follows. While we will typically follow an A-B-R-A-B pattern, this week, we will be B-A-A-B. In other words, cohort B remains unchanged, while cohort A's Monday moves to Wednesday. There is no whole-class remote day this week.

Classroom teachers and special educators will share schedules with you in the week ahead.

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Social/Emotional & Remote Learning Resources for Parents Now Available

Parents are invited to explore the multitude of resources made available by the Sudbury Public Schools. Of particular note are resources from our school and district Mental Health and Wellness teams.

In addition, classroom teachers may share with you some of the information being used with students once we introduce it in the days ahead.

Practicing The Three Ws at Haynes

Be sure to watch (and maybe rewatch) our video introducing students to the Three Ws that we will follow at Haynes. Click below to view.
Sudbury Public Schools: Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, Watch Your Distance | KartoonEDU

Greetings from the Haynes Mental Health Team

We are eagerly anticipating the beginning of the school year and welcoming your children back to school, both in person and virtually. We know that this has been a challenging time for all of us and we want to let you know that we are here for you. We have been planning and preparing for supporting your children in a safe and supportive way whether your child is learning in the hybrid mode or remotely.

Over the next few weeks, you will have opportunities to share specific concerns you may have for your child with your child’s teachers and support team. Our staff will be working collaboratively to ensure we are addressing students’ social emotional needs, in addition to their academic needs. We recognize the importance of helping students to manage the social and emotional challenges this pandemic has put upon us. Relationship-building and making students feel safe and cared for are paramount in our work this year.

Please use this link to explore the newly revised SPS Social-Emotional Resources for Parents website which has been updated to include an additional section for COVID-related resources.

In addition, for any families that may need community support for health or financial reasons, the town social worker, Bethany Hadvab has compiled a list of resources: Town of Sudbury Comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Guide. Also, you can reach out to the SPS Social Worker, Jenn Vlacovsky at jennifer_vlacovsky@sudbury.k12.ma.us

We are very much looking forward to seeing our students again! Please feel free to contact us if you have a question or concern about your child.

Melanie Francer, School Psychologist


978-443-1093 ext. 1509

Veronica Rogers, School Counselor


978-443-1093 ext. 1504

Haynes Staff Wants to Know...

Our educators want to make the transition as smooth as possible. The pandemic has impacted every family in different ways. Our top priority is to make sure we are responsive to your child's needs and help you and your family feel supported. To the extent that you feel comfortable, please share any information that would be helpful for Haynes staff members to know in order to support your child. Please complete the form by September 15.

Click here to complete the form.

Haynes Goes Peanut/Tree Nut-Free

All Haynes classrooms (where students will eat lunch this year) are completely peanut and tree nut-free. Please do not send items with these allergens as part of your child's lunch or snack.

SPS/LS Joint Statement on Public Health

Click here to read the Joint Statement from the Towns of Sudbury and Lincoln, their respective school districts and school committees.

Welcome New and Returning Faculty and Staff

Haynes is excited to welcome several new (and returning) staff members to our team starting this fall.

  • Angela Spirito returns from leave while working toward certification in Occupational Therapy. She will teach grade 1 this year. Ms. Spirio previously taught kindergarten and grade 3 at Haynes for many years.

  • Jenny White returns from her maternity leave and will teach grade 4 this year. Mrs. White previously taught grade 4 at Haynes, and grade 5 prior to her arrival in Sudbury.

  • Veronica Rogers will serve as our School Counselor this year while Kristyn Traversi is on a one-year leave. Prior to her work in counseling, Ms. Rogers worked for many years as a classroom teacher.

  • Megan Ring is the new Literacy Specialist at Haynes. Ms. Ring comes to us from the Newton Public Schools where she previously taught second and third grade.

  • Meredith Gee joins us as our new Literacy Tutor. Ms. Gee comes to us from the Arlington Public Schools, where she most recently served as a Title 1 Literacy Tutor.

To support us during this most-unique year, Haynes is pleased to welcome four permanent building substitutes: Nalini Luthra, Conor Rault, Alan Standrowicz and Alice Faramarzpour. All have previously served as subsitute teachers before at Haynes.

In addition, several of our returning staff members are taking on new roles at Haynes this year:

  • Kelsey Moran moves into the role of lead Steps teacher. She previously served as a tutor in the program.

  • Jonica Regnier will serve as the new Steps tutor. She previously worked at a tutor in the Partners program.

  • Katie Palotta moves from a two to three-day a week Spanish position. Katie will now teach Spanish to all classes grades 1-5.

  • Jenn Marshall moves from grade 5 to grade 3.

  • Christina Grassetti moves from grade 4 to grade 5.

  • Anna Veloutsos will return as a Partners ABA Tutor long-term substitute. She will continue as one of our crossing guards.

You can find the complete Haynes Staff Directory here.

Congratulations and Thank You!

Since we celebrated the planned departures and transitions of some of our educators at the end of last year, three more teachers have news to share.

Congratulations to Grade 1 Teacher Stefanie Burrell on news that she is expecting twins this winter! Mrs. Burrell will be on leave this year. Congratulations also to Literacy Tutor Jane Badman as she begins her retirement from the Sudbury Public Schools after years of service supporting literacy in our school. We also wish Literacy Specialist Ellen Vedora well as she begins a new adventure at Noyes School.

Congratulations Mrs. Emery!

Congratulations to Haynes Kindergarten Teacher Lynne (Raffaele) Emery, who was married to her husband Chris on August 15th in Westminster, Massachusetts.

Congratulations Mr. Hines!

This year marks 20 years of service to the Sudbury Public Schools for Haynes School Head Custodian Glen Hines. Mr. Hines as been an integral and essential part of what makes Haynes the special place that it is. Congratulations, Mr. Hines, and thank you for all that you do for our school! You make sure we always shine!

Flu Shot Clinics Scheduled

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Tuesday, September 15

First Day of School

Cohort B In-Person

Wednesday, September 16

Cohort A In-Person

Thursday, September 17

Cohort A In-Person

Friday, September 18

Cohort B In-Person

Wednesday, September 23

First All-School Remote Learning Day

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