7 battles

About the Wars By Jakob Parker

Fort Sumter, Antietam, Vicksburg

Fort Sumter happened in the Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. It started on april 12. It ended on april 14 of 1861. The confederate troops started to open fire on the union. They almost won but the union started to win.

It ended on september 18 of 1862. 225 acres from the war was saved. The union had three big assaults and the last one was at the bridge. They ended in a draw but they didn’t want to think that so they both said that they won.

It happened on april 12. It ended on april 18 of 1862. On July 4 Vicksburg surrendered. So this means that vicksburg lost the war. After the war they saved acres.


Gettysburg, Sherman’s March to the Sea, Fort Fisher and Appomattox Court house

It happened in adams county, Pennsylvania. It happened on july 1. It ended on july 3 of 1863. An estimated of 51,000 soldiers died.

It happend from 1861. It ended in 1877. It was one of the most destructive civilian campaigns in the world. The union had a lot of power over the confederate. They had so much power that the union won the battle.

It happened on january 13. I ended on january 15 of 1865. They never finished there first fight in december so they started a second one. The Confederate general surrendered. So the Union won the war.

On Palm Sunday April, 1865 Less’ surrender at Appomattox Court House, Virginia signaled the end of the Southern States attempt to create a separate.

By Jakob Parker