Ms. Rutledge's Class

What's happening this week?

November 11th - 15th



This week I will be introducing rhyming words. I will be reading different poems and stories that will introduce the children into the world of rhymes. The children will play a matching game using pictures of objects they are familiar with. This matching game will help them use reasoning skills as well as test their understanding of rhymes. By the end of the lesson the children will have a better understanding of rhyming words.

Here is a link to some rhyming games the children might enjoy:


This week the class will be going over the numbers 0-9. In math, I will teach the children a counting song in hopes of helping the children memorize the correct counting order. Once the children have sung the counting song, I will then display pictures of the numbers as we get to each number in the song. By the end of the lesson the children will have memorized the counting song and be able to identify the numbers 0-9.

New Skills

The children have been working on their fine motor skills. Fine motor skill is the coordination of small movements that occur in body parts, such as their fingers. It is important for the children to improve their fine motor skills so that once they enter kindergarten they have some practiced control to help with their beginning writing.

This week I have many activities planned that focus on developing their fine motor skills. The children will make bracelets, as well attempt painting within the lines of a picture.


Early dismissal

Next Friday, we will be having an early dismissal. Please plan accordingly and have arrangements made for your child to be picked up at 12:45.

How best to reach me

You may contact me anytime for concerns, progress reports, or if you just want to speak about your child. I have listed my email address and phone number.