If I Stay

By: Laken Sahm


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good love story. Its about a girl Mia Hall and a guy Adam who people think would never end up even talking but yet they fall in love, but then on a windy snowy day her family gets in a car accident and she her mom, dad, and brother all got immediately got taken to the hospital. Mia sees everything, her family the doctors and her grandparents. She try's taking on them but know one seems to here her. Is she dead or not? Plus what happens to her family?
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1. " My body wasnt gone from the ICU for to long" pg.174 i picked this quote because it shows how she keeps an eye on herself throughout the whole book.

2. " Gran is gone. Willow is gone." pg.180 I picked this quoted because i think its shows how much death happend in a short amount of time about quick things can change in a blink of an eye.

3. "Gran is convinced that she has her long-dead parents that come to watch over her" pg. 45 i picked this quote because is shows how there grandma has a big imagation and how she can think outside the box.

4. " The racism thing is kinda obvious" pg. 69 i picked this quote because even now racism is a hue=ge problem in the wrold when it shouldnt be.

5. " I wake up this morning to a thick blanket of white covering t]our front lawn" pg. 3 i picked this quote because i love looking out my window in the morning and seeing fresh new pill of snow in the morning and knowing i can go sleding.


In If I Stay, was a great story about how your life can change in a blink of an eye. It also tells a story about a great and repectful releationship. it proves that love at first " sight" really it=s not a mith


The setting in this book is in Portland, Oregon

Primary Confict

The primary conflict was the car accident because, there are a lot of car accidents theses days and all for differnt reasons but they the family could of gotton really hurt and some people could have even died.

Secondary Conflict

The secondary conflict would have to be Mia not getting treated right at school, she doesnt try hard to fit in because she thinks that know matter what people will still hate her. They bully her and call her names because she plays an instrament. Its not fair to her.

Main Characters

Mia Hall- Shy, sweet, out going when you get to know her, and musician

Adam- popular, out going, sweet talker, and also a musician

Secondary Characters

Mia's mother- in a band, loud, outgoing

Mia's father-in a band shy quiet

Mia's little brother- LOUD, funny, always happy

Incidental Characters

People in Adam's band

The Love Story

It was as sweet as any other love story that you might know of, but this one much more stronger. They were inseparable and did everything they could together. They were total oppisite the only thing they had in common was they both had a huge passion for music, and that's what made them fall in love.
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Second person point of veiw


Gayle Forman

Before going to colledge she took 3 years off after high school to travel the world when she got back she decited to was going to write for the magazine 'seveenteen' after a couple years of that she thought her real passion was to become an author, so she did. She has now written 5 books and they are all very succscful.