Brave Miniature

By Jaizelle Olofernes


Emily walked in her special room. She had a desk of crafting and art materials. She also had a toy box full of her favorite fighting characters, most were from her treasured video game, Super Smash Bros. Emily's wallpaper was the colors of the sky with cotton clouds glued on them. Then came the Maze. She had been working on that complex project for 33 months and had just finished yesterday. Emily sat down on the desk chair and looked at the items on the desk. There was a wooden button that caught her eye, it was very appealing to her vision. She examined the button. It had a slight crack, Emily looked closer. Suddenly, light shot straight into her eye which made her faint. Once she regained consciousness, she was flabbergasted. Her room was either humongous or, she was just tiny.

Rising Action

Everything was strange, they looked, magical, and alive. Emily picked up a big, stubby colored pencil and drew her adored character, Pikachu. The drawing came alive and bounced out of the paper,"whoa," Emily gasped. "Pika!" Pikachu squealed as it started skittering to the maze, which was big to Emily! Emily chased after Pikachu but when she looked to her left, the toy box was open! A big white glove, known as Master Hand, was pulling out her figurines. It pulled out Link, Kirby, Mario, and Fox. It dropped them in the maze. " I have to fight them?" Emily groaned," let's go Pikachu."
The first enemy was Link. for the first ten seconds had completely ticked Emily. All the 'hyah!'s and 'hut!'s coming out of the hylian's mouth was making Emily deaf! Emily kicked him to a split on the floor which easily broke down. She moved on to the next opponents. They defeated them by throwing or thundering them out of the maze. Once they had gotten out of the maze, Pikachu stopped following. "Hey, what's wrong," Emily looked back at her companion. A platform underneath Emily slowly rose up as the adventuress stared at Pikachu, who raised it's paw and waved good bye. "Bye, I guess," Emily mumbled and waved her hand back
The platform hovered to the sky wall, where the glued clouds were now floating, lumpy, solid ground. She hopped off the platform and landed safely on the cloud. She looked up to see the platform she was previously on slowly diminishing. Emily turned around and started jumping from one cloud to the next. She suddenly fell right through a certain cloud, a cloud right above the toy box. She came plunging down and was knocked out once again.


Emily woke up in a dim stadium. The Master Hand was on the opposite side of her. A random red laser sword magically popped out of no where,"oh, sweet!" Emily exclaimed then picked the sword up quickly. The strange hand started making a flicking motion, trying to push Emily into an endless void. Emily scoffed," ha, you can't beat me that easily, you brainless hand," she said. She started slashing at the white hand, dodging it's slow moves. Then, after the long, tiring fight, The Master Hand creepily shuffled it's fingers then blew up.

Falling Action

After the hand blew up, a gigantic version of the cracked wooden button slammed in front of Emily. "This thing started it all," Emily thought. She walked up to the cracked pit and jumped in.


She woke up on the desk chair, her head lifted from the desk. "it was all a dream, but why did it feel so real?" Emily felt something in her fingers and looked at her hand, it was the button. She placed it on the desk and looked around her room. Some parts were slightly different. She looked inside the maze. The was a hole in the table and under it was the Link figurine. Some of the other characters on the carpet as well. At the exit of the maze, there was a paper Pikachu laying on the table. She quickly went to her toy box and dug in it. She found the Master Hand figurine, slightly burned on the edges. Emily giggled," It was real!" Emily exclaimed. She walked out of her room with a big smile.