AIESEC Johor Bahru Newsletter

#4 | Week 2 | May 2016

Notice--You might curious

When is the time frame for weekly LC Newsletter? The updates in the newsletter indicate from when to when?

Well, initially we want to follow the same day as MC release AM newsletter which the day is not fixed, yet the time frame for LC Newsletter is weekly basis (follow Johor time) which is Sunday to Saturday as one week.

In this newsletter for Week 2 | May 2016, the time frame remained the same, that's why the updates are from 8th - 14th May 2016. But release day is not fixed as well.


For upcoming newsletter (Week 3 | May 2016), we will move LC Newsletter release day on every Sunday night, every week! The updates in the newsletter indicate from Sunday to Saturday.


AIESEC Johor Bahru #choosetrouble Challenge

Department who is nearly to be most progressive department??

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Hey MarComm!!

#choosetroublechallenge is all about achievement sharing, being the Most Progressive Department of the week shows a role model to other departments, this is how we motivate each other as ONE FAMILY!

Why almost there but not?

"Love campaign" kicked start since 13th May, we can see preparation and practices happening around. LC project is heating up!


Your team can do it even better! How?

  • Make "Love campaign" viral! Outreach as soon as possible
  • You already kick start this campaign, share your achievement in your FB with hashtag #choosetroublechallenge #AIESECinJohorBahru

Looking forward for your achievement sharing people!

LC Performance Review

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Have a look to our LC performance, generally we did have a little improvement compare to last week.

Is the data correct?

  • IGTP, do review your goal for this summer, and update in LC Tracker
  • Are all OGTP EP applied to project for this summer already?


  • There are no more EP sign up, focus now should put on EP to get them apply to project, X-Men, we know you are now working on it! Engagement is a constant practice with follow up, fighting!
  • One week but there's still no EP get accepted to project, X-Men is time to follow up with opportunity manager


  • ONE Approved in one week, we know IGCPian can achieve more for the coming week!
  • There are more EP applied to our opportunities! Constant update with EXPA can ensure us to engage our EP ASAP, this gives a good an impression to EP, who knows this might help in your success rate? :)


  • We have one more EP sign up! Nice one!
  • Class bashing is happening in Week 3, we hope to see more sign up for this summer
  • Oh yeah, follow up is the most important thing! 72 Golden Hours to engage them, grab the golden time to get their interest remained


  • Well done for ONE opportunity to be opened
  • 12 applicants applied to our opportunities! Constant update with EXPA can ensure us to engage our EP ASAP, this gives a good an impression to EP, who knows this might help in your success rate? :)


  • FL is working hard to engage with UTM Mobility & UTM International for OGCP collaboration, hope to hear good news from the team soon!


  • Local Exchange Program is in 'baking process', a new opportunity to enhance our AIESEC experience and learning in this summer, stay tuned!
  • EP Buddy recruitment is in 'baking process' too, we hope to hear this very soon too!


  • Marketing still play a role after EPRD end, what else we can do to make 'consideration' stage of EP faster? What kind of message we should deliver to them? We left 2 weeks of time, where is the sense of urgency?
  • "Love campaign" is heating up campus of UTM, how about SU UTHM?
  • Local Ambassador Program? We hope to hear from the team soon!

Overall, we can see our LC is started moving forward after one week! We believe with the team work together, we can move even faster and further!

"If you want to go fast, GO ALONE, if you want to go far, GO TOGETHER."

Team Experiences | AIESEC Johor Bahru | Learn by doing

X-Men Training

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X-Men is ready to change the world

9th May 2016

Here is the team of our X-Men (EP Buddy for OGCP EP)! Total 24 of them going to facilitate our EP who going abroad for exchange in this summer!

For your information, EPRD already close!

And we are now moving forward to CONVERT!

What is this? Yeah, is to get our EPs to apply to opportunities/projects, convert OPEN to In Progress to Approved.

The X-Men are injected with 'serum' in this training, now they know how to engage EP and what are the system we use.

Well done OGX, well done X-Men!

Let's fight for Summer Peak now!

Change the Youth Change the World


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One opportunity raised from Job Builder!

10th May 2016

Good job to IGTP team! Without a teamwork, there will be no achievement!

Keep it up IGTP team! Looking forward to see more professional internship opportunities happening in Johor Bahru.

Dear alumni, AIESECers, if you have any friends in other entity are looking for internship, why not recommend them to this opportunity?

Business Development Executive

[Job Description] Be a professional salesperson and drive the branding of the organization, as well as come up with successful marketing strategies to boost the company's outreach.

Click to the opportunity link for more information.


Customer Experience (CX) Team

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Big image

CX Team will start "Value Delivery" preparation real soon!

12th May 2016

CX Team - Made up of fighters from focus program departments -- OGCP & IGCP

With a simple vision: Create better experiences to our EPs

Remember, what kind of of EPs we want to develop? What kind of learning we want to provide to them?

These are simple questions yet very important to set as a mind set while we are preparing for value delivery. Every single activities that we make, every engagement we have with them, every sentences we talked to them, all these contribute to making a change in our EP's learning and development, they conclude how their exchange experience going to be.

A big thanks to MCVP Standard & Satisfaction (S&S), Erik Chia (a.k.a AIESEC JB alumnus) who Skype-ed with us to refresh our "clarity of why" and "importance of CX Team". Motivation come when we refresh our mind and decided to do this TOGETHER.

19th May 2016 (Thur) will be our working group (Innovation Space) to create CX, whoever is curious, want to learn things, and wish to join us, refer to the end of this newsletter for the venue and time, or contact VP IGCP (Yong Ching) and VP OGX (Rex Ng) for more information.

MC Visit to UTM

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#together we transform

13th May 2016

"Thanks Edward the Baymax brought his positivity and share his knowledge to LC Johor Bahru ! Hope each of us who met with him get to know more on what and why we do. Meanwhile starting to find our direction and purpose on it.

Time goes on without you even realize, don't make yourself regret of what you didn't tried. I repeat, recall back why you join AIESEC why you still staying ? Don't find excuses for yourself for not doing things or put the responsibilities on others. Summer is near and we left 15 days for Final Sprint . Let's do the best of us meanwhile good luck for your test and Final examination !"

Cheers !

Best regards from

Ryan, VP iGCDP LC Johor Bahru

Love campiagn

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Happy Parents' Day!

13th May 2016

"Love Campaign" is our LC project. Throwback to LLDS when we first presented this idea, it is now in the process to making it happens.

Why Love?

AIESEC known to be an organization who develop leadership through exchange. But! We want to let people around us know that, when we are learning, developing, making achievement, all these processes are cultivated with LOVE too! Love can be as simple as appreciation or care for others, Love makes us feel good to do anything everyday! So, start practice LOVE!

Wow! So what happen now?

Parents' Day will be the FIRST stage of this campaign, yeah you know Love will never end!

Good job to MarCommers to be the front runner to start up LOVE in UTM campus!

How it works?

Express your love towards your family by writing a lovely letter to your family members in hometown ! Just follow these three steps then you are already spread the love to your family !

1. Write address of your hometown
2. Write your letter
3. Put into the box

Done !

How about the cost for posting? No worry, we post your letter for free ! Awesome right ? So come to your nearest bus stops now and spread the love .

We are available at ( KTDI, Cengal Café, FAB, KTR, KP, K9 )

#lovecampaign #spreadthelove

AIESEC GATHERING (AG) & Local Train the Trainer (LTtT)

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A fruitful Saturday

14th May 2016

Well done to TM for the hard work to make this event a success one!

We are grateful and appreciate to all the people who attended too.

Is a day where LC members have time to catch up with each other ever since after LLDS.

A fruitful day well spent together as a family, in this assignment peak/test peak/operation peak, we willing to take some times out for the people we care, we are human not robot, we are learning to be a leader, leader need to have some "off time" too, get out and join LC event lah :)

We had gone through Local Train the Trainer (LTtT) on the same day as well, thanks to our Trainers--Jwee Shiang, Yong Ching and Aiden, whom went through national TtT.

Everyone who attended, we get to know what type of trainer we are, why is it important? That is the starting point we start to develop our trainer style!

"Leader = trainer, we are leader when we create more leaders."

Want to know more what we learned? Spot the faces in the picture, ask them to share with you! :) And you can refer the output below if you missed too much.

Team Experiences | AIESEC Johor Bahru


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SUMMER PEAK ?!? Huh ...?!

Getting Excited As Summer Peak Is Just Around The Corner?


Exchange Participant (EP) Buddy Recruitment is opening soon in this coming 22th May!

Wondering what the heck is this ?

Stay anticipated for this coming 22th May.

Have a look on the video below to know more what is EP Buddy about.

AIESEC's Buddy Program

Sharing Board

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The Single Most Important Principle of Good Leadership, Summed Up in 1 Sentence

Hope this can remind every single individual in this LC, no matter who you are, remember why you take up leadership journey.

Read full article HERE.


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love from SUP

To: Evelyn, Jose, Shafik, Jaay, Dalton, Amira, Hui Ling, Masitah, Iyra, Tiniey, Eric, Aizad, Thana, Nad, Izzul, Ming, Jiayi, Anisha and Navin.

"Whoever have faith to me, i juat want to tell you that i have faith on not just you, but towards all of you, you guys lighted up the hope again for this SU in UTHM, million thanks and lets fight together :) "

From Aiden

Leader who dreamed to change the world

Dear Rex,

You looked tired recently! I am worried and hope you can take good care of yourself. I believe you are an awesome leader who has a dream to change the world! Keep it up as I Iook up to you :)


From someone who will always support you from the back

Upcoming Events

CX Team Innovation Space

Thursday, May 19th, 4:45-7pm