Say Yes To School Uniforms

By:Caroline M.

Uniforms make things easier like...

  • No one will pick on you because there wearing the same thing
  • Nobody can point out those who don't have money or support
  • All kids and teens will not exclude others

School uniforms are great because...

We all will no longer have to take 15 min picking out an outfit. No one will be late to school because of this. All the kids will love school if we all have uniforms because nobody will pick on what you are wearing. Everybody is going to have the chance to fit in.
Why Uniforms Are Good For Schools

School uniforms

Every year uniforms for school get more and more popular. That's why we should get them. Soon enough everybody will have them. Then you will get them that's why you should get them now instead of later. School uniforms are great! So let's get them now.