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DRA/Running Records

As we approach the fourth nine weeks of school I know many of you are wanting to begin assessing students with a final DRA. Here are some guidelines to follow as you begin those assessments.

  • All K-5 students will have a final DRA instructional level assessment completed by June 3rd. Please return final copy to my LC mailbox.
  • A miscue analysis MUST be completed on students errors (see training date below).
  • If a students fluency falls into intervention use best judgment or speak with Kim or Theresa.
  • If there are too many errors STOP and assess student on a lower level.
  • If you want to see students get to that next level they NEED to be in a Guided Reading group.
  • All other questions or needs please send me an email.


  • Assess your below level and more challenging readers last. Give them the best opportunity to show what they know.
  • 3-5 grade do 2-3 DRAs a Day starting in the month of May so it doesn't take up your instructional block.
  • Make sure other students are working on engaging activities so you can focus on the assessment and your student reading.