Basketball Beat Down


Hosted by Jill C

Today is the Day

Tomorrow I am hosting a basketball competition! The Boston Celtics are coming to town and are playing against Miami Heat this game will be tense! The fee is $50 per ticket there will be 3 separate contests. There will be free throw and layups and last but not least a pick up game!!!!!!!!

Basket Ball

Monday, June 17th 2013 at 9pm

University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY

Please park in the parking lot in the front of the main doors. There will be security gaurds checking bags at the side and main doors. Please park by the side or main doors.


What is Scheduled!

The competition starts at 7 and ends at 11. refreshments and snacks will be served around 8:30 and there is pop, water, pizza, hotdogs, juice etc... The competition lasts for for 4 hours. This is when we are having refreshments!!!

Funds go to Roswell

All of the money we earn goes to Roswell toward cancer because I believe that it could help find a cure and save are people. My mom also works there and she works very hard to try to do her best.