Punishing Kids

corporal punishment


Long ago (not really) were people getting punished by getting hit with a ruler or cane. The boys would get hit on either the arm, leg, bottom or wrist and girls just on the leg. Many people are ok with this but others are really against it. Some people just prefere the naughty corner or becoming grounded but Kevin Donnely thinks otherwise.


Kevin Donelly is one of the very few people that wants to bring back the corporal punishment and decided this after he asked how many students were getting suspended in New South Wales schools. He said that if the school community is in favour of it then he doesent mind if its getting done properly. Megan Mitchell is against kids getting punished at all and said that it was against kids rights.

Not Anymore

Although in some schools in austalia allow it it is very uncommonto happen anymore. The new punishment are like the naughty corner or no T.V but some parents still smack their kids.