Mrs. Rosenberger's Fifth Grade

April 17, 2015

PSSA Week and Other Exciting News


One down, one to go. This week we had the PSSA test for English Language Arts. It was four days and included one grammar and writing section and three reading sessions. Next week, we will be testing Math on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


The students have been taking the Reading and Language Arts PSSAs this week, so we didn't start anything new in reading class. They had some work and projects that didn't get finished when I was away part of last week, so my main goal was just to finish them. We also read a play about the Hindenburg Disaster, and many of them became really interested in the topic and started doing a little research on their own. Next week, they will be taking the math part, so we will finish up the Hindenburg story during the few times I have with them. After that, our school year will begin winding up quickly. There's only time for about 3 more tests in reading!


We're finishing the chapter on the different ways that the surface of the earth can change. We are doing a few review activities to push of the actual chapter test until PSSAs are over. My homeroom's test will be on Monday, April 27.

Language Arts

We are continuing our usual routine with spelling this week. The test on lesson 5.1 was on Tuesday. New words were given out on Wednesday, and the next due date for the choice boards is Wednesday, April 22. The test will be that day as well.

Take Note of This

There was a permission slip sent home in the students' folders on Friday concerning our trip to Ft. Halifax on May 1st. We will be eating there before returning to school in time for the early dismissal that day. Your child will either need to bring a lunch, or plan ahead to receive a bagged lunch from the cafeteria. Please respond to the survey below to let me know how many lunches I will need to request from the cafeteria.

Also note that the note that came home in the folders about Grandparent's Day indicates that if your child leaves early with their grandparent, that it will be counted as an unexcused absence. Because ours is the last event of the day, 5th graders will not be counted as absent.

Class Dojo's 100 Point Club

We have three new members of the 100 point club in Class Dojo since my last newsletter. They are Kaylee, Micayla, and Nate! Congratulations.

Spring fever has definitely hit fifth grade, and it will only become more of a challenge once all the state testing is done. I've told the kids that the activities we do during these last weeks of school will depend upon their behavior. Let’s work together to recognize your child’s good behavior and try to improve when needed!

Mrs. Rosenberger

I've been teaching at Halifax Elementary for 24 years. I've taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades as well as computers for grades 2-6. I'm married and have two children, a daughter who is 20 and a 17-year-old son who is a senior in high school. My husband and I will be empty nesters in just a few short months! When I am not teaching, thinking about teaching, or looking for new ideas to help my teaching, I love to read and crochet.