The Disney Effect

Movies translating theme parks =disney world


All of the cast members are friendly, helpful, without being mechanical or condescending. Rules - an employee is never allowed to say I don't know to an guest, if they do not know an answer they know to call an operator. all facial has to be neatly trimmed and beards cannot be shaped and mustaches cannot go over the lip. When an character is autographing an thing all of the signatures must be exactly the same for an identical character. No body art or piercing allowed. Fired- the ways of getting fired at Disney is most like other jobs, if you did not appeal to their code of conduct you will get fired or if you do not do things the Disney way. The dress code for Disney is very strict but not too strict girls can wear skirts with bear legs and sleeveless shirts and guys can wear open toed shoes and untucked shirts and casual shirts


The reason it is so important for the characters to come to life is to further immerse the guests of any of the resorts to really give the guests the magical touch of Disney and all of its movies and its products. And this also helps give them loyalty to their customers and so they come back and they maybe bring their friends. The part they is they are to give the guests an actual material thing to touch and to talk to further the experience of Disney.


Disney is an all around company that makes TV shows, movies, cartoons, cruises, and theme parks it is said that it is fun for anyone no matter the age Disney was started by Walt Disney a long time ago and in the theme parks you will see most of their movies characters walking around like Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white, captain hook and so on