Jordan Technology Mini-Conference

November 6 Workshop Details

A Note from Greg

My thanks to the "It's Just Lunch" team for organizing this Wednesday's Staff Meeting! My thanks also to our teachers who are hosting sessions. The Technology Mini Conference has something for everyone, featuring great tools to help you simplify your teaching and engage your students using technology.

Below is a preview of the options available for staff. Please meet in the Library at 2:00pm on Wednesday to get the fun started. Sign-in will be required at each session.

ePortfolios and Organizing your Google Drive

Come and see student ePortfolios that are a comprehensive view of their middle school years. Wouldn’t you like your curriculum to be a part of these online portfolios that provide an excellent glimpse of reflections, assessments and growth in your class? Think: students can upload videos, power points, photos and more. Also see how easy it is to organize the student turn-in with folders in your Google Drive.

-Sue Morosoli + Leslie Goldman

Google Voice, Vocaroo, and Schoology Audio

Tired of wading through 125 paragraphs about the same topic? How about hearing them brought to life in the student’s own voice? Audio provides students with an alternative media to share their thoughts and ideas in a safe setting. We’ll show you how to use some of the audio alternatives currently available.

-Diana Modica and Kirsten Misset

iBooks and Padlet

iBooks are a great tool for all classes particularly for social studies. Students can show what they have learned through research and timelines. Students can publish their own book, or a contribute to a class book. Plus, come see all the great ways that Padlet has been upgraded since last year!!

-Tami Warr

iMovie with the iPad

Students love making movies and you can incorporate movie making into any curricular area. Teach your students to demonstrate their learning from planning to storyboarding to editing with iMovie.

-Jeanie Smith


Kidblog allows each student in your class to have an individual blog where they can write about content, reflect on their learning, and engage in academic discussions by commenting on one another's work within a secure classroom blogging community. Plus, as a teacher you maintain complete control over student blogs and user accounts.

-Erica Goldsworthy


Want to find a new way to have students show their learning? How about introducing your next unit and links and information you want students to know and cover? ThingLink makes your images interactive, allowing you to tag images and include links to videos, articles, sound, documents, etc. Bring your laptops as I will give you time to try it for yourself

-Sue Pound

They Shared it With Me... Now What?!

Let Google simplify your grading routine! Organize student turn-in folders, streamline and monitor the peer editing process, embed rubrics into assignments, even provide feedback using voice comments. This session will be just a preview of the materials covered in the all-day “Going Green with Google” session that will be held on December 3 in the Jordan library - come get inspired, then sign up via BOB!

-Megan Ellis

Schoology Discussions and Questions

Schoology offers now a wide range of features to create discussions and quizzes.

You can incorporate audio and video and have students use these tools when they respond.

-Jose Ezcurra