BRUMC Youth Newsletter

Monday, October 1st - Sunday, October 7th

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This Week's Schedule

Wednesday This Wednesday youth will be meeting from 6:30-7:30 pm.

Sunday. Sunday morning we will have our normal small group time from 10:00-11:00 am in the FLC. Sunday night the youth will be meeting from 5:30-7:00 pm.

We were scheduled to have our last cookout this past Sunday, the 26th of August. Due to some sickness in our host family, the event had to be rescheduled. I will send out an email this week with details on the location and time of the last cookout!!!!

Looking Ahead

October 7 - Lunch @ the Park - 12:30 @ Veterans Memorial Park

October 13 - Blessing of the Animals @ Veterans Memorial Park from 11-4 pm.

October 24 - Trunk or Treat @ BRUMC!!!!!

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Choices (week 4) - Wednesday Night

Last week we saw the story of Esther and how God puts in various positions in life in order to use us to accomplish His will. This week we will look at how being grateful is not just a feeling but is a choice that comes from understanding what God has done for us. The passage for this week is Luke 17:11-19 for those who would like to read ahead. See you all there!!!!!
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The Sin of Idolatry - Sunday Night

Last time we looked at the people of God as they wandered through the wilderness because of their disobedience and how we too have a journey of faith as we seek to follow God in our lives.

This week we will look at the how idolatry within Israel lead to a distortion of true worship and how it brought about God's righteous condemnation. The passage for this week is Exodus 32:1-14 for those who would like to read ahead. See you all there!!!!!

The Bitter Root of Envy

I read an article this week on the sin of envy. If you are anything like me, I did not immediately understand what envy is. I know what coveting is but the actual sin of envy left me, at first, a bit stumped. In her article, Tilly Dillehay said something so profound about the nature of envy. She said, "It begins in negative feelings of inferiority, progresses into nasty feelings of resentment, and then stagnates in a stewing, frothy mess of petty or belligerent offspring sins. Even when envy gets what it wants—the destruction or removal of another person’s good gift—it is left with empty energy that must be redirected to a new object of hatred."

I must admit that I have felt this way on more than a few occasions. In our culture of obsessive and instant gratification, it is easy to be unknowingly assaulted with envy towards your friend or co-worker and not even realize the lasting effects. Dillehay goes on to say, "The Christian who battles the sin of envy may mistakenly feel that he’s in more of a skirmish than a battle. Why? Because envy is so easy to keep a secret, even from oneself. And like other sins of the heart, the human imagination is always trying to relegate it to second place in the sin scale. 'Envy can’t be as dangerous as fornication, because nobody ever sees it, and it doesn’t really hurt anyone'. Then, if envy ever produces natural offspring—other, more overt sins—our tendency is to cut off the sin that has flowered up out of it without attempting to remove the envious root." Getting to the root of our sin is the key to removing it all together. I encourage you to read the rest of the article below. it is very encouraging and illuminating. God Bless!!!!!

Daily Bible Reading Plan

October 1st - Psalm 61; 2 Samuel 21; Ezekiel 22; Luke 22:47-23:25

October 2nd - Psalm 62; 2 Samuel 22:1-23:7; Ezekiel 23; Luke 23:26-56

October 3rd - Psalm 63; 2 Samuel 23:8-39; Ezekiel 24; Luke 24

October 4th - Psalm 64; 2 Samuel 24; Ezekiel 25; Romans 1:1-17

October 5th - Psalm 65; 1 Kings 1:1-27; Ezekiel 26; Romans 1:18-32

October 6th - Psalm 66; 1 Kings 1:28-53; Ezekiel 27; Romans 2:1-16

October 7th - Psalm 67; 1 Kings 2; Ezekiel 28; Romans 2:17-3:8