Tuning the Body, Mind and Spirit

Class Theme October 18: Supporting the Spine and Kidneys

This week's class will focus on increasing flexibility with gentle backbends that support the spine and energize the kidneys. With the Sun still in Libra, which rules the kidneys, and has to do with balancing pH, hormones and energy, I will be using the Mars and Venus tuning forks during class.

Also, just a reminder that there will be no class next week, October 25th. We will meet for the final class in this series on Thursday, November 1.

See you tomorrow,

Classes take place on Thursday evenings, 5:45-6:45 in the Sunrise Room. If you are interested, please pre-register with Jennifer by calling 814.422.3177 or email

Classes are $10 each if you'd like to bring a friend.

Heartspace Wellness Alliance

Heartspace Wellness Alliance provides spirit and space for self-healing, personal development and transformation through its integrated programming and workshops designed to support clients in restoring the mind, body, spirit, and energy. Our alliance seeks to connect people with holistic and counseling professionals from various backgrounds in order to promote wellness in the Central PA community.

For more information on this yoga class or acutonics sessions, please contact Jennifer at 814.422.3177.