Nar Par Par

AN AMAZING COUNTRY...we're not dictators...maybe..

A luxury country, here to suit your every need.

We live in the center of the Pacific Ocean! Surrouned by cool blue waters, safe from any warring countries, adn of course surrounded by a most beautiful terrain.
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Yes we are dictators..................we lied!!! hahahahahaha

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Our flag

The three stars symbolize our 3 most beloved dictators. The flag was design to convey our undying love and command to our citizenal Narparians.

We have a great economy!

Basaed on trapping tourists we mange to keep a steady income flow of money (and food). We have a lovely communist economy, you work..imagine no more financial stress. We give you a job, and an assigned area and you work till you die. You'll never go hungry and are guaranteed a job! Housing is available to you and all families.

Pros and Cons


Equal distribution: You never have to envy out neighbors again.

No financial stress: We take care of it all!
Resources: We distribute equally ro all so that no one will go hungry!