Skype in the Classroom

Skype brings the visionaries of today to the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow

We live in a small world.

The more students can interact with the world, the better.

Our students are getting used to interacting with others around the country and around the world.

1st Grade Palentologist

One way to begin connecting is through Skype in the classroom.


If you already have a Skype account, just log in and start exploring! If not, create an account at Then log in to Skype in the Classroom.

You can explore the hundreds of lessons and teachers willing to connect your class with another person or class somewhere in the world.

Perspective from people who have Skyped.

Staci has helped lead quite a few Skype sessions and the elementary and middle schools.

We will Skype this morning with Todd Flory, 4th grade teacher in Andover who has done many Skype sessions with his classes.

There are other ways to connect, of course.

~ Google Hangouts

~ Edmodo groups

~ Twitter

Possible goal? connect with someone outside the school walls at least once this year.

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