Who Do You Know From Lia Sophia?

Referral Opportunity

Did Your Know Lia Sophia Closed their company yesterday???

It is such a sad time for all Lia Sophia Reps that they found out yesterday morning that their company folded. As a direct sales stylist myself I feel so bad for the thousands of women who were left without a job yesterday morning, especially during the holiday season.

Stella & Dot has set up a program that will let Lia Sophia Reps come over and get started and allow them to bring their teams along!!!!!

How can you help????

If you know of any Lia Sophia Reps and you can refer them to me I would love to help them get started with Stella & Dot, so they can have an instant income back. We still have ground floor breaking opportunities through our company and I will be here to help them get started. If you can connect me with them, I will be giving out a VERY SPARKLY referral gift to you, and to the stylist for signing on with me!
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If you know of anyone that is looking to replace their income with Lia Sophia- please share my contact info with them.

Katie Bullen - kh617@yahoo.com




or Send me their info and I will happily reach out to them!!!!

I will also hold an opportunity call tonight if they would like to call in and hear more!

Remind them if they have a team, their entire team can come over with them!!

Call in info for the opportunity call:

Wednesday, December 3rd

9:00PM EST


access code 408504#