The Causes of WWII

How did WWII start By: Max and Jordan

About Adolf Hitler

  • The war was caused by Adolf Hitler as a Dictator.
  • Adolf Hitler was born in the date April, 20 1889 and died at the date April, 30 1945.
  • Adolf Hitler started dictating at the year 1919 and starting having harsh laws for Jews, and gypsies.
  • Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party had came to power and also taken over almost all of Europe before the war had began.
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Adolf Hitler gives speech at Berlin.

The Laws That Hitler Made in 1933

  • Since 1933, Hitler had made a law that allowed the chancellor to draft new laws, but the President of Germany cannot draft new laws.
  • Since 1933, Hitler had made another law that Jews were have to be send to concentration camps. It was the most struggling and the most harsh event for Jews, it was called The Holocaust.

The Causes

  1. The first cause of WWII was that Adolf Hitler had refused the Treaty of Versailles since 1919.
  2. The second cause of WWII was that Italy, Japan, and Germany had created The Axis Powers. The Axis Powers had grown power even more.
  3. The third cause of WWII was that Germany was the most well armed country in all of Europe. This had caused America, England, and France to cause The Second World War.

England and France have been Declared War on the Nazis!

  1. Before WWII, Nazi troops and German aircraft had taken over the Germany's eastern border and had also taken over Poland. This had caused England and France had to declare war on Germany because Poland were England's and France's only hope to defeat Germany and the Nazis.

The Questions

  1. Prove that Germany had taken over almost all of Europe.
  2. Identify the causes that Hitler is causing World War II.
  3. Explain that the Nazis had been causing war with England and France.



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