Video Game Developer

By Ethan Masters

Nature of work

  • Action-adventure, role-playing (traditional and multiplayer online), strategy, interactive music, simulation, sports, and electronic board and card games.

  • A video game should have an intriguing title, an introduction, music and sound effects, help screens, engaging graphics, a plo

  • Video game developers may work exclusively in one area, such as programming or graphics, or they may work as freelancers and create entire games on their own.

  • Musicians or sound designers take care of the music during the introduction and throughout the game. They also create sound effects, such as fighting noises and scary voices. Their role is often overlooked, but is quite important. Without sound effects, the game environment will not seem realistic.

Were you work

  • They work indoors, in offices or studios. Freelance developers often work from their own homes.

  • Most video game developers work 9 to 10 hours a day, 40 to 50 hours a week. Weekend work and overtime are common in this industry, especially when a deadline is approaching.

  • Travel to conferences may be a required part of the job.

  • However, developers also interact with a large team of professionals, including programmers, artists, and project managers.

Abilities you need

  • Creative

  • Work well as part of a team

  • Knowledge of current video games

  • An understanding of popular culture, entertainment, and technology

  • Marketing and business skills are helpful


  • 4 year college or university

  • . You must know programming languages (such as C++) as well as assembly language. You should also have an in-depth training in graphics, operating systems, platforms (PCs/Macs), and game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo).

  • Animation artists must have training in computer graphics programs and 3D animation programs. Musicians or sound designers should have training in music, sound effects, and computer sound hardware and software.


Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Personal impression

The best parts I like is experience of hands on developing games. T he worst part is if it doesn't get enough hits we lose profit.


You get about $35,000 to $100,00 a year Freelancers make $100,000
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