Electrical Contractor in Chicago

I Guess My Wife Was Right About Having the Porch Light Fixed

I was recently looking for an Electrical Contractor in Chicago, and I did not even know where to start.

Well, I suppose I should back up a bit. I do fancy myself as a bit of handyman, and my original intent was to do the electrical work on my own. I had first noticed that there was an electrical issue in my home when I would walk out to the back porch for a smoke and the porch light would begin to flicker. After changing the light bulbs multiple times without fixing the issue, I realized that there was something wrong with the interior wiring of the wall light.

A conversation with my wife

I told my wife that there was something wrong with the wiring of the porch light in the back yard, and then told her that I would be taking the light apart in order to get it fixed. Well, she was not having this at all. I still think that she was being overly cautious, but she reminded me that electrical work can be very dangerous, and that if I messed something up, it could lead to huge problems in our home, or even a fire.

Now, they say a happy wife means a happy life, and I believe this to be completely true, so I did not argue too much. I told her that I thought that I could get it figured out, and that it would cost a lot less than hiring an electrician. She stood her ground, however, recognizing that I can handle most things around the house, but electrical work is a little bit different. I accepted her judgment, even though I did not really want to, and I went ahead and looked into hiring an electrician.

Finding the right electrician

Although I knew that hiring an electrician was going to be more expensive than handling the work myself, I also recognized how important it is that nothing is wired incorrectly. I decided to do some research and find a good electrician in the area in order to get this darn light fixed. Hiring a contractor can be risky business, particularly if you are on a budget and do not want to get ripped off.

Luckily, I was smart enough to not just hire the first electrician that I found in the phone book. I went ahead and did some online research, and called a couple of different local electricians in order to see about how much it would cost. After comparing pricing from a number of different places, I found the least expensive, but also certified, electrician, and had them come out to fix the light.

The electrician took my wife’s side

The electrician who came out to fix the light was very friendly, and he got it fixed rather quickly. He did, of course, explain that, although this was a relatively simple job, it was not something that I should have done myself. Of course, I never told my wife that he said this.

Summary: My wife would not let me do the electrical work myself.