The Oregon Trail

Traveling The Trail In The 1840's

The Oregon Trail was Long, and it Took a very Long Time to get There

  • The first part of the trail followed the Platte River for 540 miles through what is now Nebraska and Fort Laramie in present day Wyoming.
  • In all the Oregon trail was about 2,000 miles long. At times the trail was 10 miles wide.
  • If you took the route by sea the trip could take almost a year! If you took the Oregon Trail it could take 4-6 months.

You Could Take Very Little With You When You Traveled West

  • A few miles out of Independence many families realized that they over packed by a lot, which means that they had to start throwing things away
  • The trail was so littered with things that a scavenger could pick up a whole wagon full of bacon, flour, and even cast iron stoves.
  • The recommended amount of food per person to take with them is about 150 pounds.

Many People Died on the Oregon Trail, Before They Could Make it to Oregon

  • 6,000-12,000 people died of disease on the trail.
  • Native American attacks happened often, about 3,000-4,500 people died of them.
  • This is kind of funny but about 200-500 people got ran over by wagons, that cause them to die.