type 1 diabetes

brianna niland

Background on diabetes

type 1 diabetes is a form of diabetes were in the pancreus the insulin producing beta cells are being destroyed by the immune sytem.the lack of the the insulin in the body leads to the increase of blood glucose. this is usually diagnosed in young adult to children. This diseas is life long and if not treated with correct treatment problems with wieght can occur and even death.

recomendation on your diet

carbohydrates are very important which are vetables, fruits, and beans should be 45%-65% of your daily calories.protiens should be between 12-20% this includes poultry, fish, and some red meat. fats between 25-35% and are any oils. mesuring correct amounts will also be very important in order to recieve correct amounts of your daily calories.

helpful advice and information

the role of blood sugar monitouring

monitouring your blood sugar is important because of the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) for both victims of type 1 and 2 diabetes. Before you eat you glucose levels should be around 90-130 mg/dl and before you go to bed you levls should be be between 110-150 mg/dl

some excersize recomendations

when excersizing it is important to know your bodys typical glucose response when working harder then normal. Balance is also very important between the food your eating, your insulin levels and how long you want to work out

life style choice recomendations

having diabetes will change many things in your life. your diet will change, you will be eating foods with lower calories.

how staying fit relates is contolling diabetes

excercize is very important espesally to people with diabetes because it helps you prevent long term complications. exercize makes it much easier to contoll your blood glucose level.exercizeing alot can increase your insulin sensitivity which means your body doesnt need as much insulin after working out.