Feeling Sad?

What does this mean?

Why sadness?

When you have encountered loss or disappointment, there is a good chance you are feeling sad. If you really care about someone/something, you might feel hurt and disappointed for she/he/it.

How do you tell if someone is sad?

If a friend or anyone you know is crying, they are probably feeling sad. They may be hanging their head, or seeming more distant than usual. They might not be as talkative as always, or they may just act differently. If you notice this in a friend of yours, do what you can to help. If they need someone to confide in, let them confide in you, and if they want space, give them space. Always help people who are feeling sad, because they may do the same for you when you are a little down.

Some ways to get over your sadness

Never focus on your sadness. Don't let it control you.

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Don't be like alot! Listen to your friends and care about their feelings!