See Ya Later Cigarettes

The Ban On Smoking In America

Each year more than two million Americans die of tobacco use. All of these deaths that are ocourring cost money, $7.50 to be exact. For every time some one smokes their first cigarette they are putting themselves in danger of getting many different kinds of diseases, and many different kinds of cancer, like lung cancer, which is the most common cancer you can get.

Say you buy a single pack of cigarettes for $7.50 each day for one year, you will spend a grand total of $2,737. If your're someone who doesn't smoke, then that's almost three grand in your pocket every year you don't smoke a pack-a-day. But if you are the idiot who does smokes a pack a day, well, your're practically taking $2000 every year and throwing out the window.

The main reason people think smoking should be banned is because of what it does to peoples health. If you are a person who smokes you're basicly killing your self over a long period of time. If you are luckey enough to not be killed from smoking it can cause your body a great deal of pain, damage, and suffering. Due to smoking some of this pain and suffering can be many things like lung damage, lung cnacer, and amputation of body parts.

So as you can see smoking is terrible and should definitley be taken into consideration by the United States Government to stop smokig entirely in the United States and not just have smoking banned in indoor public areas like resturauts and sports stadiums. Therefore smokig should be banned in the United States Of America.

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers - Terrie's Ad