Whats hidden behind these eyes.

The mystery unfolds itself.

Who is Lyric Gibson?

Culinary Artist? Basketball player? Competitor in all aspects? Video Game Enthusiast? Instrumentalist? What am I exactly?

Doing It Wrong - Drake w/ Lyrics

Pain from being in love

  • In Drakes 'Doing it wrong' it tells a story of young romance and the pain caused by the relationship thus resulting in having to let go of something you once loved so much.
  • In my own experience I've suffered from heartache and I know the pain is caused when you hear the words "I need someone different". This song not only appeals to my heartache, but it also represents how difficult it is for me to be emotionally available for someone else. I have a huge problem with opening up to other people or helping others deal with their problems and to me it's like I can't help you feel better when I can't even help myself sometimes.
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In the literal sense I mean that.

  • When most people say I've come across a fork in the road they mean that they've come to some sort of crossroad in their life in which they have to make a difficult decision. On the other hand I have become very literal. In most everything I say I try not to use some saying to have people decode what I mean. I'm going to be very straightforward and open about what I'm feeling and I thought this picture would be a perfect representation of what I really am inside and out.

Generation Stress? More Like Generation Me.

  • In this article it describes how the youth of today is overrun by the things that we constantly have to strive for in our daily lives.
  • This article is so relateable to me in the sense that I am constantly telling my parents how stressed out I am and how tired I am because of the daily tasks that I have to handle at school. Not only is it not healthy for the youth of america to be so stressed, but it is taking a toll on the time that we/I get to spend with our families. I feel like the more stressed I am the less likely I am to be around my family because they will only add to my stress levels. It's hard to a be a teenager living in america today because so much pressure and weight is added to your shoulders.
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