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Frank Accused of Killing Little Mary!

Leo frank is a Jewish man being accused of the murder of Mary Phagan. Jim Connaly, an employee of Frank, is allegedly a part of the murder. He has given many accounts of what happened that tragic day pinning the blame on Frank. Connaly claims Frank commonly entertained female visitors in his office, while Connaly stood watch and stomped his foot if anyone came. Officers say that Mary Phagan's blood was found outside of frank's office. Be sure to continue to read more as the story progresses.

New Drink Development!

Cureing Headaches or your Taste Buds?

Tired of Fitz? Need something new to drink? Coca Cola is the thing you need! You would be doing yourself a favor by buying this new pop. you will be glad to get this while you can. Originally made as a cure for headaches by Dr. John Pemberton. However, it cured our taste buds instead.
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Will We Be Able to Fly Too?

The creators of Delta Airlines have announced the release of a passenger service in the following weeks. Starting out as a crop -dusting service in Macon, Georgia, the company is growing. Founders B.R. Coad and C. E. Woolman are astounded by their growing success. Soon we will all be flying high in the sky.

Jim Crowe Comes to Town!

New laws and regulations have approved the separation of facilities and items by color. These segregational laws are called the Jim Crowe laws and separate everything rom a public bathroom to a water fountain. Different opinions on how to make sure the facilities are separate but equal are still called into question. However somebody new is moving into the United States and his name is Jim Crowe.

Letter From the Editors

Dear reader,

Thank you for your support! The editors of MaTiAm appreciate you for deciding to read Southern Fancy. Some of the content we feel are unjust and unfair. This is a time where discrimination and segregation were prevalent. Many people such as Leo frank were wrongly imprisoned because of their religion or race. Southern Fancy presents the facts with no biased articles. However, we do feel that there needs to be less bias reporting and more true facts. Our vow is to come to you with the truth and witnesses who's stories have been verified. Thank you once again for your support.


The Editors of MaTiAm