Sarah Gersch


In the documentary Blackfish, a killer whale named Tilikum that was captured as a baby and brought to captive and took lives of several people.


  • The purpose of this documentary was to inform you about the killer whales being taken captive from the wild.
  • In the wild the whales do not hurt anyone because that is their home, in captivity some trainers abuse the whales and do not feel like they are where they are suppose to be.
  • Evolving out animal entertainment and keeping all animals in the wild with their families and in their homes.
  • Captive killer whales are going to stay in the resort for the rest of their life, they cannot go back into the wild because they do not know how to hunt or their teeth are broken from years of stress and biting on metal gates, and they're hopped up on antibiotics and might die in the open ocean.

Achieving the Purpose

Example 1

In this part of the clip, it explains how they captured Tilikum and how he was taken away from his family. The other young whales and their mothers all went other ways than the adults with out babies, but when they came up for air hey were caught and the boats found them and captured them. Once they separated all the babies from adults they had captured one but killed three. So they had to cut the babies open put rocks in them and put and anchor their fins to sink to the bottom of the ocean. All the people that captured Tilikum broke the law just so they can give Sea Land a Killer Whale.
"Blackfish" the documentary movie

Example 2

In this little clip, this is Tilikum the whale that was captured, as he passes through the camera you see marks on his body, those are rake marks. These marks show sign of abuse. Some of the marks have to do with the whales fighting each other or one of the trainers abusing Tilikum. In a scene in the movie, some of Tilikums fin what off, that is because a trainer was abusing Tilikum because he was not listening to what the trainers were saying.
Horrible rake marks seaworld san diego

Example 3

In this photo, it shows that Tilikums dorsal fin is bent over like an upside down u. His dorsal fin is like that because he was in captivity and not in the wild in the ocean. When a whale is in the wild, the dorsal fin in suppose to be straight up, but because Tilikum was in captivity his whole life, his dorsal fin started to fall. The dorsal fin started to curl because he has no room to swim around freely and his diet of thaw dead fish.
Big image


After watching the film Blackfish I feel that killer whales should not be allowed in captivity and stay in the ocean for their whole lives. The same thing that happened to Tilikum and what he did could happen to any other killer whale that comes into captivity. Although the shows at Sea World or Sea Land are entertaining to us watching, the trainers lives are in danger and some people do not even know what they are capable of.


Blackfish - Official Trailer